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Making Jewelry...party style business

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Does anyone do this in it's most basic form...beads and wires?

I just recently went to a little get together with some friends hosted by a woman who sells slightly nicer stuff on ETSY, and loved it.

While I was chatting and making some pretty funky bracelets, I started thinking how maybe this could be a simple way to make a little extra cash. If I learned how to finish off the jewelry, invested some into building a bead stash and other such supplies, it shouldn't be too much work to host little parties for a minimal fee whenever people would like.

Does anyone do this? Or know of something similar to it? I am sure that I am not inventing the wheel here, but I haven't ever heard of it.

Once the initial investment was over, I'm thinking that after replenishing supplies - there could be a little profit left over.

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I know of parties where they sell jewelry, like Tupperware. But I don't know of any that you get together and make jewelry. That sounds like fun. I like that idea.
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I think lately people aren't attending as many parties as they used to because money is a little tight in recent years. (this comes from a couple of moms I know who sell things like toys and books through parties) However, I think you might be onto something if you can price cometitively. If you could knock the other jewelry businesses out of the running with someone based on price you might do well. I might consider making the financial aspect a part of my marketing strategy if I were you. Something like, "Why pay those high prices when you can save a little and have the fun making it yourself."
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Sounds like fun to me, I would go to a party like that!!!
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