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I just made another jean skirt out of a pair of jeans... Then I turned the tops of the jeans into aprons. Also made scripture totes from another pair of jeans and Im making my oldest a purse.

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I took our old coffee table and painted the top with chalkboard paint and the rest of it with just flat paint. Now my daughter has a chalkboard but at 1/2 the cost of a easel. 

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I took old receiving blankets and turned them into reversible baby smock bibs for my 1 year old. I am no expert sewer, so I was really happy with the result!

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Awesome idea!

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A friend of mine gave me this halter top probably about 4 or 5 years ago and I played with it a little bit then, but couldn't make it fit me right.  Well, I just pulled it out again today and decided to alter it to fit my DD.  I took in the sides and added straps and voila! adorable top for her!  She loves it!  And it can be worn over a long sleeve shirt in the winter and then as a tank top in the summer.




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Cute! And your dd looks really happy to have it!

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Thanks!  She came home today saying that 2 of her friends want to know if I can make them shirts like that too--lol!

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Those are some adorable costumes and love the halter top refashion. Using things we already have to make great new things is so much fun. I need to get some more of my creations photographed.

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Made "baby legs" from a pair of socks that had holes in the toes.  Very soft, dark brown in colour.  I just cut the foot part off and did a quick hem around the ankles so they won't unravel.

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I knitted a rug from old t-shirts (with the largest knitting needles) and  a few baskets too. I made underwear from t-shirt as well. Curtains from flat sheet. I am not sure how to add photo from flickr -it seems like it wants image url, and flickr doesn't allow direct link to the picture, because they want it to be linked to their webpage. But you can see them on my photostream at flicker.com/feltingme .

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I made a really cool nook cover for my mom out of an old linen shirt, and then used some of the rest of it to make my father in law an eyeglass case with an elastic strap to attach to whatever book he is reading.

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How do you make diapers/covers from a sheet?  I love that idea!

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I was having trouble finding the kind of baby wipes I want for my new baby: terry on one side, flannel on the other, in a variety of prints to make diaper changes fun!  I have a sewing machine but no time to sew anytime soon.  My friend offered to make them for me as a baby present!  The terry is new, but for the flannel, she is using the good parts of my old PJ pants and my mother-out-law's two old nightgowns.  I love that my baby will have "heirloom" fabric for her wipes. :love


Mother-out-law also gave me some rectangles cut from old dark-colored T-shirts that I can use for my own cloth wipes postpartum.  I may just throw them away rather than bother washing them, especially the first week or so, but it will be great to have this super-soft cloth when I am tender.

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