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When dd1 was a baby, and she fell asleep in the car, I would wake her up every.single.time and put her in the sling. I thought I was trying to be AP mother of the world.
This time around I realized how selfish I had been the first time. If she falls asleep, I click the bucket into the stroller. I stash the Ergo, Moby, sling, whatever, at the bottom for when she wakes up. This way we are all happy and not just me.
I wold avoid waking a 21-month-old baby unless the baby had slept for a really, really loooooong time and it would screw up his schedule.
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Dh and I joke all thet ime abotu this. We use the never shake a baby slogan but change shake to wake.

SO for us its a big fat no.
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I have no qualms about waking a sleeping baby at all.

Toddlers are different, they are harder to get to sleep and not likely to fall back asleep, so I tried to avoid waking a sleeping toddler and plan stuff around naps. It wasn't always possible though.
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I prettty much stick to never wake a sleeping baby. With older kids being run around to various activities/outings, I can't stick to it as well as I'd like, but I try. I lugged dd2 around in her "bucket" far longer than I ever would have in the past, simply because she was asleep when I picked ds2 up from preschool, and there was no way I was spending a whole afternoon dealing with a cranky baby, because I wanted to make it easy for myself by putting her in the Ergo. Fortunately, I don't have that many errands of that sort these days.
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Originally Posted by ameliabedelia View Post
Toddlers are different, they are harder to get to sleep and not likely to fall back asleep,
Oh, my...three of my four were like this from the get go. Actually, make that two...ds1 never took real naps. He cat napped, even as a newborn - usually about 10 minutes at a time, and almost never more than 15-20. OTOH, he very rarely woke more than once at night, so there were upsides. DD1 woke up at the drop of a hat. Sleep was really hard for her when she was a baby, but got better as she got older (including as a toddler). DS2 was a great sleeper...six hours the night he was born, woke up ravenous, nursed a long time, then slept for 2-3 hours again. DD2 has been rough that way. She's hard to get down for a nap, and if something wakes her up, it's going to be hellish for hours.
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Waking my DD up never turns out well. She is over 3 and having to stay up late is better than dealing with her behavior when you wake her before she is ready.
My baby, who is now 1, I haven't yet ever needed to wake him so I have never tried.
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Only if there's really no other choice. Bad enough with babies, but waking up a sleeping toddler before he or she is ready to get up is guaranteed to end up with an overtired, cranky kid, often with either temper tantrums or hyper, obnoxious behavior as a result. A few times we've just had no choice--event we all had to go to together, either scheduled at an inopportune time for nap or the kid's nap just went unexpectedly long or started late. We do our best to get the kid in question to soldier through, but it's really not ideal.

Once we were on our way back from somewhere, trying to get home to get the 2yo down for a nap, when both the 2yo and 4yo fell asleep in their car seats. These are not kids who can be transferred from car seat to bed and stay asleep. I was such a kid, but they're not. We decided to go for a loooooooong drive. So the environmental footprint of their naps that day was tragic, but our sanity was preserved.
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Definitely, I will wake a sleeping baby. From about 9 months old, I wake them if they are napping any later than about 4pm, just to ensure a smooth bedtime around 7-8pm.

Both my kids fall asleep almost instantly when we get in the car also, so I'm always having to wake them when we arrive at our destination. Sometimes it's 2 minutes after they've fallen asleep, but aside from driving around aimlessly, there's not a lot I can do about that
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