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Kindergarten stories?

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DD's first day of kindergarten was yesterday! On the bright side, she had a great time, and even though I went to pick her up at the end of the day she told me that she wanted to stay in the bus line and take the bus home(she's supposed to be a bus kid but I thought I'd drive her the first day). She was excited to go back today.

On the down side, her teacher seems like she is a kind of a mess and I was kind of disappointed that she was the one we "got" but my DD likes her so I will keep that to myself!
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DD had her first day yesterday and she was very excited and proud. She just followed her teacher into the school while the parents stood outside and waved goodbye, so it was a little anti-climactic that way, I would have liked to have gone into her classroom and seen her desk etc, but apparently that is next week at "Meet the Teacher" night. It was not stressful for her because she was in the junior kindergarten at the same school last year, she even knows her teacher already, but she really feels like she's hit the big time now, so cute!
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I have to say K has been a big adjustment for us! Though we have now been in school 3 weeks. For me it's the whole new schedule: drop off, pick up, base camp, making lunch and two snacks etc. And since dh and I work and have to get the other dd to the sitter, it really makes for a crazy morning.

DD1 school is k-12 so she is getting used to seeing the bigger kids around. They are doing so much more than I remember doing in K! They are starting letters, starting reading, doing little bits of math. I remember that more in first and second grade, but times have changed.

Personally the hardest part is for me....knowing I"ve sent this little person out of the house all week, so eventually someday she can go to a good college and have a good job, ugh. Not that I don't want that for her, it just seems like soooo much when they are 5 1/2. She's gone more hours a week than I am and I work full time!

Either way she is liking school. We had a few days of being overwhelmed with lunch and recess but now she is loving it again. OK, sorry to ramble! This is just all making my head spin a bit !
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We're on week three. It's been good--dd is having a ton of fun. Morning routine still is under construction, but we're making it OK (everything's just earlier).

I start volunteering in the classroom next week. She's looking forward to that.
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