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Elias James William is finally here (updated with birth story and pics...long)

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After a long and very intense labour, Elias finally came into the world through water and into Daddy's arms early this morning. He was born at 1:35 am after labour picked up again for the second time at about 9pm.
He weighs 7lbs 12oz and is 20 in long. He is beautiful and nurses amazingly well.
His big brothers chose not to be present for the birth, but are totally in love and giving him lots of cuddles.
I'll update with pics later.
Birth Story
I had a scheduled NST with the midwife at 10:15 on September 6th. Baby looked great during the test and it was showing that I was having contractions about 6-7 mins apart. They were my usual uncomfortable not painful contractions that I had been having for weeks now and just ignoring so I thought nothing of it. Themidwife suggested the use of some homeopathics for when the contractions come in bouts without becoming productive, so I left with those and headed home. It was the usual busy day at our house, but I did get a quick nap in. When I woke up I realized the contractions hadn;t really gone away so I decided to try the homepathics. They became slightly more obvious over the dinner hour but by this point I was tired of getting my hopes up only to be dissapointed so I went about baking up a storm and then headed to bed around 10:30. I woke up a few times in the next 1.5 hrs but didn't make any connection. At midnight I woke up in the midst of a painful contraction and went to the bathroom to find lots of bloody show (apparently it had been there last bathroom trip too, but I had gone in the dark) and had a couple more contractions. I went downstairs to tell dh to go to bed that I was likely starting “real” labour and to get a glass of water. We headed off to bed. I tried to sleep but each time I started to doze I was awake with a painful contraction.
I decided to get up and make some muffins that I had been planning on making in the morning. The contractions kept coming anywhere from 5-10 mins apart but I was having to stop and focus through them. Around 2:30 I called my friend who had wanted to be notified in early labour, and she headed my way. We hung out and did some things through the house as I couldn't get comfortable to sleep through anything. By early morning they hadn't changed pattern though and this was bringing us into the first day of school. I told her to go home and get her daughter off to school, sleep (her husband was taking the day off) and that I would call her if things changed.
Around 7:30 I called the midwife to update her. She decided to come and check me as I was booked for a BPP u/s that day and if this was not labour that was bringing a baby soon I still would need that u/s. I told her to take her time as there was no rush at this point. She came around 9:30 checked me and I was 5 (stretchy to 6) cm dilated, a lot more effaced than I was the day before and baby had come down a bit. She decided to stay with me as this was looking good. We had already gotten our oldest off to school and dh took ds2 and the dog our for a bit to let everyone wear off some energy. I was walking and using the ball and definitely concentrating through contractions.
The midwife and I decided that at noon she would check me again and that would determine a plan of action. If not much change she would leave and call it early labour or if things looked good it would be time to set up for the birth. Around 12:15 she checked me and I was now about 7cm and 85% effaced. My friend had come back again and it was looking like things were moving. The only problem were the contractions were still all over the place anywhere from 4-12 mins apart, and not regulating at all. I was also having some back labour as baby was not in an ideal position. After that check the intensity increased and they suggested I use the tub. Unfortunately as nice as the tub was it only spaced my contractions out further. I tried walking aroud the house and doing the stairs, and got out the breast pump still not helping regulate the contractions. She checked me again at 4:30 and there had not been much change since the last time. We had a good chat and decided that besides my advance dilation and the intensity of the contractions the pattern really did look like early labour. She suggested that maybe I was feeling a little "watched" at this point (I also had the student midwife present and the midwife who was going to be there for the baby had come as she was in the area and did not want to leave only to be called back right away). After a good discussion we made the decision that clearing everybody out would be best and that I would hop back in the bath and try to nap (I was getting pretty tired at this point). The bath helped space out the contractions again, I got some of my frustration out with a good cry, and after sending dh out with the boys nearby I hopped into bed. Unfortunately even with spaced contractions they were still really painful and waking me up everytime, so sleep was really not an option. I just tried to rest between contractions and try to make myself as comfortable and zoned out as possible until about 8:30 when it just wasn't working anymore. By this point the boys had been tucked into bed and as i started moving around the house the contractions became much closer and much more intense. We called my friend back again and walked out in front of the house while waiting for her to arrive. When she got here dh and I took off around the block and I was having to stop and hang off of him and moan through contractions. I'm sure the neighbours we passed (none of which we knew) were slightly bewildered by the sight.
About 10:30 I decided to call the midwife back and all three decided it was time to come (primary, secondary and student). They got here around 11 and checked me and I was completely effaced and pretty much completely dilated. I decided to get back in the tub at this point after reassurance that baby was definitely coming and getting in the tub would not change that at this point. They told me to do whatever I needed to through contractions and while my body was doing some pushing it felt more like moving the baby down a bit, not “the baby is coming”. After about an hour of this not changing I had them check me again to try to get a good feel of baby's position. Baby was posterior and nothing was helping to change that at this point. I decided to have them break my water as some babies turn into a slightly better position as they come down. After having my waters broken and surviving some incredibly painful contractions in various baby turning positions I got back in the tub. Baby was very low now and my body slowly started into pushing mode. I was able to breathe the baby down and through crowing and birth of the head. The midwife directed dh on catching the rest of baby but becasue of my more upright position in the tub the dh had to have some assistance with getting the shoulder out (and I really had to push for that one....very painful). Then together we brought our baby up out of the water and onto my chest. It was love at first sight! Someone went to see if the boys wanted to get up now (they had said no at the first offer prior to the birth) as our oldest had said he wanted to cut the cord and tell us the gender. He declined again and together dh and I learned that we were nbow the parents of three little boys. Dh cut the cord and then held our little guy skin to skin while I delivered the placenta (I was feeling very shaky and lightheaded by this point). The bleeding was heavy but okay afterwards but I did get the shot of oxytocin as I passed out after the placenta (long exausting labour and not enough food consumed despite my attempts). When I was able to I made my way out of the tub (with lots of help), sat supported while my midwives cleaned me up, and was able to cuddle and nurse my new little man. The older two were up by then and happily meeting their new little brother. He nursed well while my midwife spoon fed me fruit salad and the family sat close by. We then cuddled into bed for some well needed rest.
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Welcome, Elias!

(And wow...rest up, mama!)
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yay!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Welcome Elias!!!!
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Congrats!!! Welcome to the world, Elias!!!

Have fun babymooning.

We also picked the same first name. Nugget is going to be Elias Thomas. Great minds think alike, eh? For a moment I was a bit confused--Elias is here? But, how? That's what I get for reading this early in the morning.

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Congratulations! Welcome baby Elias!

Can't wait for the birth story and some pics! Hope you get some rest!
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Congrats Lovnmyboys! And welcome baby Elias! Can't wait for details/photos!
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Congrats Mama!!!!!!! Welcome Elias!!!!!!!!!
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Yay!!! So happy for you. Congrats and welcome Elias!
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Yay! Congratulations! And I love the name!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome Baby Elias!
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welcome baby elias!
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Congratulations. mama! Welcome Elias!

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Welcome baby! I can't wait to see pics
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Oh happy day! Major super hyper mega congrats LMB! You are such a champ! Welcome Baby Elias!

This gives me hope that my baby *will* get born. Way to go, Mama!
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Finally got a chance to update. Needed two hands to finish typing my birth story and so far pretty much any computer time is naking.
I have to download some recent pics too.
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The back and forth must have been so trying! Hurray your sweet baby is here!
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Wow, what a story! Congrats again! So did he end up turning?
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