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recs for a new mama

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This is great! I think I've got a handle on the diping. I need to decide on slings.
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Do you know what you like as far as pouch, rings, fabric, etc?
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If you're looking for an unpadded ring sling, I rec a Piggy Sling. I love mine. My ds is 13mo and 21+ poungs...he still rides very comfortably on my hip.

I'd also suggest looking at the Moby Wrap (I've been drooling over this for months) and the Kozy Carrier. I know the Kozy is custom made and takes some time to receive, so I'd order soon.

I also love my Baby Trekker but I think that would be overwhelming for a brand new baby.
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Thanks mamas. Well, I think I might like the pouches. I'm in NC, so not the KK fleece one. I tend to lean toward organic and natural materials.... I'm afraid I might have too big a learning curve with the wraps....the NN looks nice; but, I think adjustable would be nice...a mama mentioned Pea in a Pods...I'm on the list now...I think a mama mentioned Kozy too...isn't she closed I though? She had a baby? :

I have to remember I need to jump to this forum too.

eta: I'm concerned about my back....so I thought the ergo might be a good idea. I saw that they have an insert for nbs now?
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OMG Letia! I see your prayers have been answered! I'm dancing a jig and singing a praise for you.

I love love love my Kozy Carrier. Kelley is pregnant but still taking orders. She found a seamstress to help her with orders, but there's still a wait so if you think you want one, I would go ahead and order soon. I like my Maya Wrap, but ds is heavy and wiggly and I need a carrier that centers the weight so my back doesn't hurt. I loved the Maya when he was tiny though.

I like the NNBC for the hip carry, but that's it because I prefer to be able to adjust the carrier/sling so I know baby is snug and safe.

PS- the Ergo is nice too, but I've short waisted and wide hipped and get a better (and more comfortable!) fit with the Kozy Carrier.
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Yes, Michelle! \o/ Ohhhhhhhhh....she's got help...ag Well, I better make myself a decision!
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I've got a KKAFP and I love it For summer I am considering a Hotsling ( www.hotslings.com ) or a KKACP. I'm in South Louisiana so I know hot Since I haven't needed to adjust the KKAFP I haven't really seen a need to have it adjustable : Maybe when babe gets older, he is already big enough ( 15+lbs at 3 mos)...
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