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Announcing Oliver James!-Photo link added

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Here is a link to the birth montage: http://www.onetruemedia.com/shared?p...edium=text_url

Oliver James was born at 5:55 at home, on Labor Day, after my water broke about 10:45. I had a very intense labor that ended with me pushing him out in about 15 minutes on the birth stool.

He was 10 lbs 9 oz! I was a couple of days shy of 42 weeks, and as an "illegal" VBA2C was facing transfer at 42 weeks.

Unfortunately, my placenta detached but was held behind the cervix, where I began having intense pain and increased bleeding after we tried everything for more than 2 hrs. I transferred to the hospital where they gave me a spinal to take out the placenta. Thankfully, I didn't need a full D&C, but rather a gentle (and painless due to the spinal) manual removal...the OB wasn't sure if it was accreta or what, but I and the midwife were sure it had detached at least partially.

I spent one night at the hospital with my non-admitted fat boy, and then we came home. He had some impatience with nursing last night, but by morning my milk is already in, and he's HAPPY!

He's a blessing!
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Yay!!! Congratulations I've totally been stalking your ddc waiting to hear the news!
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Congratulations on your "tiny little blessing" making his appearance! Not so tiny, but quite a blessing!

I think you and I have had the two biggest babies in our DDC (my Marley was 10 lbs, 14oz), and neither of us had gestational diabetes, correct? Pretty amazing!

Welcome to the world, Oliver!
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Wahoo! Congratulations Mama! And WOW that's a big baby! Good job,, both on the long wait and patience and the birth!
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I've been lurking and waiting for your announcement...yay!!

CONGRATS and welcome baby Oliver
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Congrats! What a big boy! Sorry about your placenta. I had to transfer in the third stage too this time. Too many birth stories leave that part out. Glad to hear you are both healthy and doing well. Guess he just wanted to keep you waiting for a bit.
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I was just thinking of you last night!! Congratulations! So glad everything went well at the hospital and you're both doing great.

Now if you could just pass those crazy labor vibes over this way....
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Congratulations!! I'm so happy you're not waiting anymore. Oliver James is a lovely name.
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Congrats on your baby boy!
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Congrats! I'm glad everything worked out ok.
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Thanks so much mamas! We are loving our time together!
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Glad you're doing well, too!
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oooh, he is beautiful!!! He weighs more than mine at not quite 4 weeks, lol...
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congratulations! I have been anxious to here your news!
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Congrats mama! I'm glad you are both doing well.
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Oh my gosh, you gave birth to a two month old! He is so big! It's one thing to *hear* how big he is, quite another to *see* it! Such a sweet, dimply baby!
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Congratulations! He weighs more than my 6 week old

I've transferred twice post-birth (both for the babies, not me), so I know what it's like to be stuck in a hospital after a homebirth.
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Yeah, congratulations on a healthy baby boy! My DH also wore his football shirt during our attempted HB, guess which team? The Saints. It's his lucky shirt. Anyway, thank you for sharing your photo montage, it was lovely. I especially liked Oliver's first bath and his meet and greet with his siblings. I hope you have a good babymoon momma!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! He's adorable. Glad you were able to have your homebirth.
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