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bedwetting alarm?

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Has anyone tried them? Did it work? I have an extremely deep sleeping 7 yr old who is wet most nights.
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My brother had one when we were little. He's 2 years younger than me, so take this for what it's worth, and it was about 30 years ago. He was 8 and would just sleep so deeply that he could not tell when he was starting to urinate. The alarm was supposed to go off when the 1st drop of urine touched the bed, to wake him up so he could get up and go to the bathroom. I would say it helped keep the bed dry. Whether or not it helped him LEARN to get up, or if his body just matured at around the same time, I can't say. Good luck!
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Thanks! Anyone else?
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I have a friend who swears by a bed wetting alarm that makes the bed vibrate when the child begins to urinate. Her boys quickly stopped wetting the bed with the use of the alarm.
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My sister and I both had them when we were about 6, and it worked for both of us.
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Best $40 I ever spent.

I had a dd who wet the bed every single night of her life. When she was about your child's age it really started to bother her. We'd tried all the typical things like restricting fluids to no avail.

With the alarm, she was dry after a few days. She had the occasional accident for about two weeks after that and then all was good.

She was sort of annoyed with me for not getting it years earlier.
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My sister tried one with my niece and it didn't work. She simply slept too deeply. She wet the bed until she was quite old.

A lot of bedwetting is developmental. A 7 year old bedwetting is still pretty normal.
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Had one of these as a child and I found it humiliating to set it up every night. I would already be wet when I woke up. It was jarring and stressful.
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We used an alarm with dd1 and she was about 8 and still wet often at night. It worked within a few weeks. She was totally on board and helped pick out which color alarm she wanted. I got it from bedwettingstore.com and also got a book which helped us use the alarm effectively and also understand why and how it works. For example, in the beginning, I would sleep right next door so I could hear the alarm and help her get up to change/go to the bathroom. In the beginning, she would sleep through it otherwise. We kept it for a few years because she would have an occasional relapse sometimes after being sick. While I believe that it is normal for kids to develop the ability to stay dry at night at different ages, the alarm really helped train her brain and bladder to work better together at night at an age when she (and I) didn't want bedwetting to continue anymore.
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