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41 weeks...

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Visited with my midwife this morning and I feel much more cheery about being 41 weeks pregnant. I'm measuring 40 weeks.

Baby sounds great, my blood pressure and urine are great so I feel much more confident. I was beginning to feel doubts creeping in this past week. I have some well meaning but overbearing friends and family members who have been putting on the pressure lately. (As if I'm staying pregnant on purpose...)

She offered to strip my membranes but I declined. She said the baby sounds great and she wasn't at all concerned at this point about me "going over" so I feel content letting things be for now. I've had some signs that my body is preparing for labor so I'm fairly confident I'll go this week. (knock on wood)

Of course then I got home and thought, "Why didn't I just have her do it?!" but I'm happy with my decision. Now I just need to find patience....

And I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask you ladies for some serious labor vibes...send them down to SW Missouri mamas! I'm ready to birth!
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Sending those labor vibes
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Sending some labor vibes
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