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I had a very small summer garden, just one butternut squash plant, 1 cherry tomato plant, 1 pepper plant, 1 mint plant, and 2 eggplant plants. We tried growing melons but the vine never got very big and it withered up and died. (I think it did not get as much water as the other plants)

The butternuts are still growing, there are about 4 ready to pick right now and 3 small ones that succumbed to some type of critter eating them but there are still about 6 or more that are a good size and are turning orange. We should have plenty to store and use through the season, as we don't eat butternut too frequently but I heard that they keep well.

The eggplants were touchy, one plant has been a HUGE producer, I can get about 4-6 eggplants off of it at a time (they are the small white kind) and it is still going well. (so far we have gotten about 30 or more eggplants from it) The other gave us about 4 really tasty purple/white striped eggplants and has lots of flowers but has not given anymore fruit. I am not sure why, it is in the same area as the plant with white eggplants and grew to a great size but just kind of stopped.

The tomato and pepper plants were destroyed in a freak thunderstorm. DD had about 3 little harvests of cherry tomatoes to add to salad and eat as snacks but the storm crushed the plant.

The mint is going very well, have picked some and made tea and flavored sauces and it is growing bigger every day.

We are starting our fall/winter garden today. I am thinking much bigger this time around.