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Transition to crib and naps

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Sorry, it got a bit long....

DS is 10 mos. old. We have been co-sleeping. I still prefer to do it most of the night. For the first part of the night (before we join him) I would like to get him to sleep in his crib. I would like him to nap in his crib too. I teach music lessons and frequently they come while he should be sleeping. I can't leave him in our bed, unattended. I have tried wearing him in my Ergo but he will not sleep since he wants to be involved in whatever I'm doing. Plus, he is a heavy sucker and I can't do it for very long anymore.

During the day, I will spend almost an hour at a time trying to get him to sleep only to have him a) freak out the minute I put him in the crib, even if he has been fast asleep or b) only stay asleep wherever I nurse him for 20 minutes. At one point, I would nurse him to sleep on a little makeshift bed on the floor in our closet. He would wake up literally every 10-15 minutes and just crawl out crying. I then had to start the whole nurse to sleep and sneaking out routine. This would go on for several hours until I had to quit and he had barely slept.

I know this is a common thing. I swear there are a lot of moms who deal with this. But, I cannot handle when he is so exhausted he just wines and claws at me but won't sleep! I would love to lay in bed with him all day and just nurse him and sleep , but I have another child and a job. I still want to give him what he needs, but I am just getting so worn out and a bit grouchy.

How do I help him sleep longer, and sleep in his own bed?? Any advice or feedback is helpful.
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I can't help you with napping so much- my DD (12months) screams when I try to put her in (most times) the crib. If she's really sound asleep, I can usually swing it.

I'm the same way as you. I like my DD to be in the crib at the beginning of the night and when she wakes up, I bring her into bed if I am already there. Lately, my DH has put her to sleep and places her in the crib. She sleeps anywhere from 2-3 hours by herself. I really like having some space in my bed with my DH.

I'm not sure what to tell you, but I wanted to let you know that it is possible. You might have to play around with different methods. It also might take time for your LO to get used to being put down in the crib. When I nurse my DD to sleep, she'll sometimes arch her back (telling me to put her in the crib).

Good luck!
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I'm working on this too since we've been using the bouncy chair since she was about 2 months old for naps and it works like a charm---but she's WAY too big and her butt is almost on the floor. She sleeps in her crib well though at night. One thing we have found that works pretty well now that she's bigger and we're not as worried about SIDS is to nurse her/rock her to sleep on top of a flat pillow. Then we're able to put her in her crib pretty easily since the pillow is always warm, and there isn't that startle reflex as much.
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Great responses, thank you ladies! It helps to know I'm not alone....

I need to keep focused on the idea that this time will pass and I will miss my baby - sleeping or otherwise.
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We just threw our mattress on the floor and put the bed frame away for a while. Then I'd nurse him down and let him sleep on our bed. We didn't have to move him and he wasn't in danger of falling off. I dunno. It worked for us. Now he's good enough to get off of our bed without hurting himself when he wakes up, so we put our bedframe back together
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I hate to say it, but we had to do some crying for this same issue. Not the "see ya later kid" crying it out, but sitting calmly with him, laying him back down, rubbing his head, over and over while he screamed. Once he figured out I wasn't going to take him back out he got a lot better about it, and usually goes right down after nursing to sleep (light sleep usually). It taked them a while to realize their bed is a nice place, and it is a nice place to sleep. Make sure it's comfy and soft. D also has a bear he adopted...wherever bear is, D is ready for sleepy time.
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