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oh darn it!

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I made chicken soup last night and found it still sitting on the stovetop this AM!! it was done cooking at 7pm and I told my husband to just leave it out for a min so it cooled a bit, it was still boiling hot at about 8pm and I guess we both kinda forgot about it. I woke up at 5am and it was room temp and on the stove I just put it in the fridge but i'm weary of eating it now, what do you guys think? I did a quick google search and found the answers to be half and half :/
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I've done that one too many times We tend to just pop it in the fridge then eat it later. I hate wasting food. I tend to buy expensive organics and we just can't afford to waste. . . We haven't gotten sick from doing this, but I guess from reading other threads on stuff like this that others have. That being said, I'd pop it in the fridge and eat it later. . .after bringing it to a boil for a couple minutes.
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I have done it as well. I agree, if you bring it to a boil for a few minutes when you reheat it, you should be fine.
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Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
I have done it as well. I agree, if you bring it to a boil for a few minutes when you reheat it, you should be fine.
I forget to put it in the fridge every.single.time. I make broth/stock. It always sits out over night...I just boil it for a few minutes before using and we've always been fine.
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another vote for boil and eat.

DH comes from a culture where meat-based dishes sit on the pot on the back of the stove and are heated to boiling once a day. They usually last several days. (Granted, many or most of these dishes are thought to have ingredients that have preservative properties, like certain spices.)
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one more vote for boil and eat, or boil, cool fast, then freeze.

i make big pots of soup all the time in winter and i almost never put it in the fridge. the stock pot just sits at the back of the stove. i make sure it is heated through before i eat any of it. my dh will just scoop it out of the pot and eat it room temp, tho, and he hasn't gotten sick, yet *knocks on wood*. i suppose that his gut is used to it, tho, since he's been eating like that his whole life.
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A lot of us have posted this same thread! And the answers are usually half n half. Personally, I have forgotten the stock overnight twice. I just cooked it for several hours the next day and then did the usual (freeze some eat some). So far, no sickness for any of us.

Now, I set the timer for like 5 hours, though, to make sure we remember to put it in the fridge before bed.
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