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new forum roll call...

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Check in and let us know you've been to visit.

And... what's your baby carrier in highest rotation right now? And who is in it?

I'll start....

... right now we're heavily into our EllaRoo and our Maya wrap for 16 month Eli. :bf
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Well, I didn't even know this form existed until I saw your post. Thanks for the heads up.

Q, age 23 months, still likes his OverTheShoulderBabyHolder from time to time. I also have another sling that is very similar but was made by a WAHM.
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I'm here! Brandon is 4 months this week and in the maya wrap.
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hey there! I have to say, I am really excited about this new forum

My baby is 16 mo old and right now we're mostly using the Hip Baby carrier.
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Samson loves his heart2heart sling. Since day one, he's 7mts now.

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Originally posted by mamacrab
Well, I didn't even know this form existed until I saw your post.
That's because today is the grand opening!! Here's your balloon!!
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My DD is 17 months and we love the sling made with love by her Auntie.

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I want to join in too! Claire is two now, and still sometimes uses her mommy made sling (from the maya wrap make your own instructions) and when our "surprise" gets here in the fall, we'll be using a sling or snugli. I found the snugli a lot easier to use with Claire those first few weeks

Anyway, I will be looking for suggestions on new slings and wraps!
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I'm here and loving my Ergo
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Wow, how fun, pam!

My dd just turned two and we've used an OTSBH almost all along. (When she was a newborn I wore her in a snugli 'early care' sling - extra support.)

I'm sad actually to realize we're not slinging much these days - she's just so big. But for a long walk, church service, grocery trip, etc, I'll often pop her in for an emergency nursey-on-the-go, lol!

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Baby ds just turned 1 yr old yesterday!!! He is most often in my pea in the pod pouch, but we also use our kozy carrier.
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Right now Ethan is mostly in the Baby Trekker or Kelty Ridgeline backpack. Now that he is walking, he isn't very interested in any kind of baby wearing. I didn't sling him as much as I would like to with my next baby. He was mostly in a Baby Bjorn, now I think he just isn't all that comfortable with the Maya wrap (not physically, I think he's just not real used to being in it). So, I haven't gotten much use out of my Maya, but I will with the next babe.

And yeah for the new forum!
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DD is 19 months old, and she rides most of the time in a Maya. When she isn't in it, it is often filled with Care Bears
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DS is 15 months old and we use an adjustable mesh sling that a lady made for me. My baby is a sweathog so we can only use certain fabrics. Especially in South Georgia.
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Anneliese is 10 months and she's loved her KangarooKorner Fleece Pouch from day 1, literally. I'm very interested in trying a wrap style sling since she also enjoys riding on my back in our Tough Traveller backpack.

Hi Pam!
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Sophie is 22 months and we use our KKACP exclusively. It's so comfy for me to wear her in and unlike the ergo I had I can actually sit in it comfortably.
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I'm here!

One link that is very useful is thebabywearer.com They have a spot to read reviews on slings, and a forum to ask questions about anything having to do with slings.
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I am so excited about this new forum!
Truman is almost 8 months and is in an OTSBH sling, which he loves. We used a Baby Bjorn front carrier until he was about 5 months. I wish I had used a sling all along. He would live in that thing if he could!
Oh, and dh uses the sling as much as I do! What a man!!!
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Zeke is 26 months and actually we mostly use the backpack carrier for him these days, although when he was a baby we used the Maya Wrap. We've been using our Ella Roo wrap sling for the newborn, with great success.
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Fess up time: I didn't know that slings/carriers even existed beyond the NoJo sling, which I hated, the Baby Bjorn, which I actually did like, and those Snugglis. I am so bummed that I didn't discover the world of REAL slings until I joined MDC over a year ago.

Anyway, I have a Kelley's Kozy Carrier for my 2 year old. I stink at putting it on & need my DH to help me (for the back carry). But once it is on, I love it! I really need to practice more, cause I think I'd get a ton of use out of it. Am going to linger & lurk and hopefully get some good advice!

Again, so so so glad this is here--hopefully it will help a lot of mamas find the right carrier earlier than I did!

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