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I'm Kaylee and am anticipating the arrival of my 2nd daughter so I can try out our zolo! I had both a snuggli sling and front carrier with my first daughter. Hated the snuggli sling so did my daughter. We really liked the snuggli front carrier and DH used it a lot. However, the pattern was a little immature for our taste. I just consigned/sold both of those carriers. And, picked up a Baby Bjorn for my husband for $20!

I really need to test out the zolo without babe to get comfortable with it first...but I've been so intimidated by it! I don't know why!
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Me me me!

We have no one in a sling right now (Hunter is 30 months old and refuses it!) but will have Adam in one the minute we need to get up! I'm going to be trying the MamaBabySling, chosen for its stretchy jersey knit.

We also have a OTSBH and a borrowed Maya wrap. Will let you know which one works for Adam! For Hunter, we used the OTSBH. He loved it... At least untill he could walk. After that, no dice, Mama!
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I'm so excited that there is a babywearing forum.

Right now I almost exclusively use my red cotton Zolo on my 6.5 month DS.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by ChiknGirl
[B]Anneliese is 10 months and she's loved her KangarooKorner Fleece Pouch from day 1, literally. I'm very interested in trying a wrap style sling since she also enjoys riding on my back in our Tough Traveller backpack.

You might also try a Kozy. Though not as versatile as a wrap, it is very comfortable. I wear mine everytime I need to do the dishes
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HOORAY!! I'm soooo happy to see this forum here!! Like I need more help spending $$ :LOL :LOL MDC has already done some damage to my diaper budget...

Anyway, I am Liz , mama to 3mo old Evan. I am currently a sling buyin' fool :LOL

I have a KKAFP ( which I have used from day 2 and DH has one too and loves it ), a black silk Zolo( which everyone asks me about), and a Bjorn( which I really don't like).

On order, I have a KK solarveil, and I'm on the waiting like for a Kozy( I can't wait!)

I am currently considering a Hotsling or a KKACP....

Glad to meet other babywearing mamas
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I love baby wearing! I mainly just sling my 10 month old now, but I do periodically carry my 3 year old in a sling too. I have 2 Maya Wraps (one for each kid), an OTSBH, a rebozo, and a couple other pouch-type slings that I've picked up at 2nd hand stores. I only use my Mayas anymore because I love them so much, and they've become like second nature for me to use. I'm embarrassed that I don't recognize many of the brands that are being mentioned on this thread. Looks like I might need to do some shopping!!!
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We've got a homemade sling, a hiphammock, a wilkinet and a kangaroo korner fleece sling ~ but I must admit that I do just tend to use the hip hammock most often, and the kanga when pottering in my greenhouse!
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Aw, I miss babywearing. My kid is 4 now and we don't use a sling for 2 years now. He's big. I wish there a carrier for his age and size.

I first used a padded sling (I forgot the name), then I used a homemade Maya Wrap style sling made by a very lovely person with a very lovely light breath trough fabric until it couldn't hold anymore, then a real Maya Wrap.
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hi! i'm fyrfly and my dd is 2yo. unfortunately, she doesn't like to sling anymore but when we DID sling, we liked to use our Taylor Made Treasures mesh sling the most. we also used a new native baby carrier.

we didn't start slinging till she was nearly 1. we very briefly used a sling when she was newborn. well, my mom used it! this was b4 we knew how great they were!
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I'd been away from the boards for a while & sooooo happy to find this forum today!!

We are slowly headed away from our sling... someone is getting too independent. I primarily use a maya with ds. Sometimes with dd too.

Dh, on the other hand, showed a huge spark of interest in a hip carrier the other day...my next purchase...I think so!!
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Hi all! Aaron is 13 months, and in the KKAFP, KKACP, or kozy carrier!
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i am soo psyched! a fellow mama just told me about this forum...how did i ever miss it!!!!

anyway - i have a 10 month old ds and here is my current stash (i am constantly buying and trading them) :LOL

hug-a-bub (LOVE this one)
storgenwiege (still learning the wrap carries)
KOZY (it just came and i haven't had a chance to use it!!)
maya pouch
maya sling
solarveil pouch (great for the pool)
kkacp (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)
the piggy sling
new native
baby bjorn

i can't wait to get home tonite and read all the posts!!!!!!!!!!!!

bye all!
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Oh no - another forum to feed my growing baby gear addiction.

Right now we mostly use a New Native and bjorn for my 6 mo dd.
I'm on the kozy wait list and my wallet has started begging for an adjustable pouch from kangaroo korner... Not to mention a mesh water sling for the summer.

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Rayne is just a hair over a year old and is in our custom-made, maroon and gold geisha-print OHM (organicherbalmamas) sling. We love it......its 100% cotton with really light padding but sooo gorgeous!

LOVIN' this forum
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Jamie here...my son is 7 months old , we used a kissasling fo the first 3 months and now we use an Ergo.
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DS is almost 3 months old (& a hefty 15 lbs!) and we use the Maya wrap and ocassionally the Baby Bjorn carrier. I'm looking forward to trying out the Ergo's when DS is a little older. They look nice.

I'm so glad to see this new forum and even happier to see all the mamas here who wear their baby!
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We have Betty, 4 weeks, in a homemade maya type sling. She likes it as long as she is sleeping, but we are still learning to use it.
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I have my 7 mo. old DD in an Equanimity Baby Mei Tai carrier. She loves it!
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I'm so glad this is here now! I won't have another baby any time in the foreseeable future, so I'm still forcing 3.5-year-old ds into the Ellaroo I just got. :LOL

Just kidding, of course. He loves it.
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I love this Forum! I have a couple of handmade slings and am considering adding a Maya Wrap to my colllection. My little guy practically lives in the sling. We still carry our 3 year old in one sometimes too if we're hiking (we just put her on our back in it) or if we're at a fair etc. I'm a big sling fan. With three kids five and under, there's no other way I could do it! It's nice to be here with all you pro-holding mamas (if that's even a word!)
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