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My son is 13 months and man, forever it seems, he has been getting fevers at night. I don't remember him doing it this summer.... he was very healthy this summer, thankfully. But like last night, he seemed a bit warm to my mom at bedtime but not to me. And then around 2, I noticed he was hot, and he was fussy, wanted to nurse nurse nurse, but just obviously not feeling great. Then he wakes up in the morning, totally fine! This happens ALL THE TIME! Like at least once every other week. I think it has to do w/ teething, but I wonder why it comes at night and goes away in the morning. I want to know if I should be keeping him away from other kids for 24hrs?? Oh and I never check his temp b/c I'm just trying to go back to sleep!

Also, anyone have ideas for immune-boosting supplements for him (and older kids). He always has a runny nose or cough or throwing up or a fever. It's so frustrating! I was hoping that since he was healthy all summer that he had turned a corner. I'd love to help his little body fight this stuff off--any ideas? He's already getting breastmilk, so.....???

I just realized this morning that it was a year ago today that he had his first fever and had to be hospitalized for 3 days for testing and all. THAT was horrible. Maybe he was having an anniversary fever?!? haha!!