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Maybe in this DDC

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my due date from lmp is 2/4, had my ultrasound today my dating from lmp was 18w 6d, from this ultrasound said looks to be 19w 4d making my due date 1/30. Was thinking I might have a January baby anyway since the 2 babies I have had have been early. So will have to see, my dd2 birthday is 1/17 so would be nice if I avoid that date so they dont share a birthday. Is their ultrasound dating accurate? with my past 2 pregnancies they havent said anything about dates being different. Right now the little guy is 9oz, do they just go by weight to determine dating? she said she couldnt give me a legnth because they curl up too much. hope it doesnt mean I'm going to have a very large baby
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Trying to date a pregnancy after the 1st trimester isn't very accurate. My babies always measure ahead by the time the anatomy ultrasound comes around. I'd personally stick with the 2/4 date and just hang out in both DDC's.
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I really wouldn't stress about a five day discrepancy. By 20 weeks, ultrasound dating is none too accurate. My last baby measured 5 days ahead at 22 weeks (and weighed 8-10 when born at 42 weeks) and this baby measured 7 days ahead at 20 weeks. Also, there is some margin of error, so if they were to retake the measurements on the same day, they may come up with a slightly different due date. At 20 weeks, as long as baby measures within 12 days of where they would expect him to be, they shouldn't change your due date.

Since your babies come early though, you are, of course welcome here. Maybe we should trade due date clubs as my babies come late and I fully expect a February baby.
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It also pays to remember that whatever dating system is used, and however accurate or inaccurate it may be... all it can do is determine how long ago it was you probably conceived. And all that tells you is a very vague 4 week period over which MOST women will go into labor, which is the 4 weeks between week 38 and week 42.
The EDD of the very day of the 40 week mark, is nothing more nor less than, simply the 40 week mark, and calling it the "due date" tends to obfuscate the fact that, it's merely the middle point of the normal range of probability.
A certain percentage of women fall outside even that 4 week spread.

So, my EDD of January 13th, actually translates thus: "If I am like the majority of women, I will go into labor and birth this baby, any day between December 30th, and January 27th."

So much for "due" dates, yet we are encouraged to believe they are a deadline of sorts. They are the midpoint of an average that actually covers 4 whole weeks.
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Anecdotal advice: Dual group, or be the engine of the group, not the caboose. I was due May 30th with my daughter in '08 and joined the May DDC. BIG mistake, should have joined June.... it SUCKED being pregnant and overdue in June when mamas already had smiling babies, etc. This time I am due Dec 27th and with my history of going to 41 weeks I decided I would rather be here since I NEVER go before 40 weeks... I am NOT going to be the last preggo again in a DDC.
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I was kind of joking about changing to the February DDC, but maybe I actually will then (if they'll have me, that is). My last baby was due April 1st, so at least I wasn't the only one left still pregnant when he was born at 42 weeks. If this little girl is as "late" as my younger son, she won't be born until mid-February. I could be very lonely here.
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