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Cosleeping with 4yo and newborn

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Hello everyone. I will be giving birth in about three months to dc#2. I currently sleep with dc#1, who will be 4 soon. I can't imagine not cosleeping with my 4 yo, yet I am not sure how to cosleep safely with two. I tend to fall asleep while nursing (hence the cosleeping!) so I don't feel putting the baby in a cosleeper is a realistic solution (although someone is giving me one). I also don't think I can ensure the two kids will be separate all night given the way my 4 yo moves around!

My 4 yo has his own bed in the next room, but he's only slept there once. I have been trying to prepare him, telling him that it might be harder for him to sleep in my bed once the baby arrives (because he will be woken up etc.), but I don't want to force him out. I want him to sleep on his own only when he is ready. But maybe I encourage him to sleep separately just as a short-term measure? It seems once the baby is 6-8 mos, there is less risk.

If anyone has any creative ideas on this front I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
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Hey Mama,

I don't know what size bed you have or how you all sleep, but when my dd#2 was born last year when dd#1 was 3, we all still co-slept. I just put baby between my husband and myself and dd1 on the other side of me. We still sleep that way. Sometimes, if I have to get up with dd#2 during the night (she's 15 mo now), when we go back to bed, #1 has rolled over by daddy. When we get back in bed, that's the only time the two girls sleep next to each other, and they usually drape legs/arms over each other and I don't even worry about it anymore because dd#2 is big enough to not be bothered by big sister.

It can be done, and if you can sleep between your two kiddos, it is still pretty safe. If you're worried about your older boy falling out of the bed, you can always put up one of those safety rails on your side, or push your bed up against the wall. I know both seem extreme, but I'm sure it'd only be for a short time.

Good luck!
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I cosleep with a 3 year old and an 8 week old, totally possible!

We got a new bed though; a king sized that's essentially on the floor which makes me feel really safe. DD has fallen off before and hasn't even woken up (although I have, and there she is all peaceful on our cozy rug..)

I sleep in between the kids, but there have been times that DD and DS have ended up next to each other, and it's been fine. I am right there, and at any movement I'm awake so I really don't worry. The bed is big, and well my husband doesn't sleep in it so we have enough space.

I love sleeping with both. The mornings can be a bit more lazy and I think the kiddos have bounded. When DS wakes up to nurse and get changed DD doesn't even really wake up which is awesome, and was one of my biggest concerns.
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Why not bring his bed into your room? We did that with my older DD when she was about that age and it's been great for her bond with the new baby.
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