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Originally Posted by DeerMother View Post
mmhmm, uh- huh love she and him!

The entire "dilate" album by ani difranco.

I LOVE this album!
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P!nk, So What

Best song ever, I swear.

I really am a rockstar. I just needed the song to remind me of that sometimes.
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Originally Posted by EarthRootsStarSoul View Post
OMG, I love this one. I hope it's true for all of us!
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And to be perfectly honest this one applies to me on some levels.
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Originally Posted by EarthRootsStarSoul View Post
Originally Posted by mimim View Post
OMG, I love this one. I hope it's true for all of us!
I LOOOOOVE this song! It was the only thing that pulled me through a very tough time.
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Before He Cheats was a great one for me. also Face down by RJA was really good. I actually remember sitting in traffic in Texas and thinking..."yeah, I am going to leave him. I am not strong enough today but soon I will be. Soon I will be strong enough to leave him" and when I got home I asked him to download it for me. It has been on my ipod ever since

The Poison is also on my break up sound track. This was more my moving into a new relationship and finally letting go and getting over the whole nasty mess of the divorce. Feeling stronger. Finding y voice. From the very beginning I likened the whole thing to Alice in Wonderland. I was even going to get alice falling tattooed on me and then the movie came out and everyone was all about it and it became trendy ....nevermind. I do love this song though.
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This is from an amazing break-up album by Luke Doucett
edited to add: best line ever: you have to have a heart, to have a broken one.
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Ingrid Michaelson is getting me through this breakup. Here are three of her songs that I have been singing along to every time I feel down.



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"Goodbye to You" by Michelle Branch Really good break up song.

And for when it was all over "After the Rain" by Nelson. Which was kind of fitting given that it was raining hard on the day that the ex and I split and for the whole week after. Nothing like a little rain to make a marriage ending more depressing.
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Not officially a break up song, but I felt like Thom was singing to me today.
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So the first two that come to mind are Ani Defranco-Untouchable Face

And I have been listening to Jason Mraz a ton lately, really all of the songs are great and touch me in different ways.I'm not even sure what the songs title is but he sings...Hold your own, know your name, and go your own way....and everything will be fine. Found it!

Also, Dennis Brown, Let me down easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbIFxcWkMy8...is awesome

The first one is really angry and helps you get pissed off.
The second one is empowering and makes you feel like you can do it
The third reminds me that it was good at times and now that it's over it will just take some time to feel normal again.

Hopefully those links will work..
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How about this one?
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Cheater Cheater - I used to hum it when my ex called on skype. He had no idea what I was humming. Although I was devestated and in shock and my anger should have been directed at my h, it felt good to take it out on the girl too - which this song does. And it has always made me smile every single time I play it - even during the worst times.

Also maybe cliche but 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor is so upbeat and empowering and I found it so incredbily relevant to my situation - 'just turn around now, you're not welcome anymore - I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key...' you rock Gloria.

When I finally was legally able to kick him out and take away his key and I heard this song on the radio it just made my day.

He moved to another country to be with the other woman but still came in our house and would yell at me about how messy it was and pick fights. But he was having affairs... so it was ok to have the affairs but not the dirty dishes in the sink at my house although I had become a 24/7 single mom of three kids . So the take away the key thing was a big one and she nailed it in this song. We got divorced so he would stay out of the house and not fight... sigh.
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I don't have any songs in particular that help me through breakups, but every point in my life has its own "soundtrack," including breakups.

When DS's dad and I broke up and I realized he wasn't going to be involved I had recently discovered the album Distorted Lullabies by the band Ours. It took a long time before I could listen to that album without going right back to that heartache. I even told Jimmy Gnecco (vocals/guitar/writer for the band) when I met him a couple years back and he said he had the same problem listening to the band Elbow without thinking of the heartache involving his daughter's mother.

When my ex left (not a father of my kids, but we were in a serious relationship and living together when he up and left - yes, I have a GREAT history with men!) I kind of got "stuck" in Lovedrug's music. Which is weird because they're one of those bands that keeps popping up in different major events of my life. I had a "stint" with their music when I discovered them in 2008, and then again a year ago when ex left, and then again more recently (I've now become friends with them after some interesting adventures at SXSW when I was kid-free for the weekend lol so it yet again changed my perspective on the music and my feelings behind it). I had just gotten their album The Sucker Punch Show when my ex left last year so that album in particular reminds me of that time.

Duncan Sheik is what I listened to for all the crap with ex-dp (father of the baby I'm carrying). Namely, his self-titled album and Humming.
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Originally Posted by mexicali mami View Post
So the first two that come to mind are Ani Defranco-Untouchable Face
Yes! That was a memorable one from my first long-term relationship breakup in 2003. FYI, though, it's DiFranco. Oh, and she had a homebirth too! Yay hippie mama!
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This is Lovedrug's song "Only One" which fit VERY well with my breakup last year. It's the "alternate" version (they released alternate versions of every song on the album) and the original is much more...angry I suppose. Very fitting. This is a live version of the song, not the best quality, but gives an idea of what the original sounds like.
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Originally Posted by momof4peppers View Post
Bulletproof by LaRoux (my new empowerment song)
Ex dp (father of the baby I'm pregnant with) knows that whole song. So now I don't like it. Just because of that.
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When you Were Mine

This one makes me smile, because it was an inside joke between me and a friend of mine.
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