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Please talk to me about poop

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We are now CD in fuzzibunz and overall going well, but I'm having a heck of a time with his poopy dipes... am I forgetting something? AT the risk of TMI, his poop is really mucky lately and although it comes out in wash, I'm wondering if I'm supposed to be scraping all of the poop off the diapers somehow before it goes in wash. If so, WHAT do I scrape with?

Thanks so much for reading this grossness and for helping me!!!!
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is he EBF? if so, then it's not necessary to scrape the poop, unless you want to. i always did, but next time around i don't think i will. EBF poop is water soluble. if he's on solids, try scraping with a spatula, or getting a bucket of water and rinsing the diaper in the tub, and then dumping the water in the toilet. poop is tricky! haha.
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would a diaper sprayer work? I never used one when my lo was a baby, but I do use it now that his poo is more solid.
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We use FuzziBunz, too, and in all honesty we've almost never scraped or sprayed poop off before washing. I tried it in the beginning because I kept hearing about mamas using diaper sprayers, but it's a PITA and I figured "why am I spraying, when it's just gonna come out in the wash??" So what I do is, if DD's poop has any solids in it, I'll take the diaper and shake the poop off into the toilet. If I know the rest will just come out in the wash, I toss it as-is in the diaper pail. If, however, there is some of that "in-between" poo, I'll just use toilet paper and try to scrape it out. Why make it more difficult than you have to?
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I guess I don't get too grossed out by the poop. Once solids are a daily part of the diet, I dunk the diaper in the toilet and swish it around. We used to use a scrub brush, but now we have a diaper sprayer if we need it. Gross, yeah, but we've gotten used to it. Plus, I'm going to be washing my hands either way.
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i do the toilet shake and squish as well and whatever doesn't come out comes off in the washing machine. i have a front loader though so i should probably be more careful haha
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Thanks so much for your replies!!! DS is 14 mos and still BF but on foods too. I think he must have a mild diarrhea right now, as it's really mucky still. Barely anything to "plop" in toilet so I think I might just go back to sposies til this passes, which hopefully will be soon!
I specially like the idea of the toilet dunk. I didn't think of that, and was trapsing across the house with a nasty diaper to the sink. I guess I was concerned about too much poopy muck in the washing machine. Is this anything to be concerned about?
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I use a plastic scraper for plaster or filling holes in walls KWIM? I hold it in my hand against my arm, scrape down and flick it in the toilet!

We have uber messy poops these days. DH calls them clay poop, or mud poop. They are too prolific to just wash, but you can't get them to ball up and come off the dipe.

I think leaving the poo on untill wash causes stains
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Since your son is eating solids I would rinse. Very little comes off from shaking my son's poo diapers so I don't even bother and go right to dunking them in the toilet. I use just one hand so I always have a clean hand to touch other things and for the really nasty ones I flush and do it again. Truthfully it doesn't gross me out at all. I've become immune to messy diapers, throw up, and all else that comes with caring for babies and kids I guess. I have a pile of nice, thick, washable changing pads that all the messy stuff goes on while I'm putting on the clean diaper and then I also use that pad for transporting. Fuzzibunz are pocket diapers right? For our bumgenius pockets I pull out the inserts before rinsing in the toilet.
Good luck!!

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I went to the dollar store and got a metal spatula thing and scrape most of the poop off into the toilet. The one I have looks a lot like this: http://www.amazon.com/MIU-France-Bru...409422&sr=1-25 but with a wooden handle. I got mine at Dollar Tree, but you can probably find a similar product at other dollar stores. I used to use a silicon-like spatula but I found it didn't work as well.
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