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I am so glad someone has brought this subject up...I am terrified...

My first labor was pretty long and painful. Meconium, induction (I was only in labor slightly) no epdidural, did get Stadol which is horrible, 13 hours, 3 hrs of pushing. But I did it. But I hated the experience. 13 months later, I became pregnant with number two. I was terrified of repeating the experience and the hospital scared me, so I got ready for a homebirth with a midwife. I read lots, watched videos, learned breathing techniques.
My labor at home was just horrible. I tried and tried to get him out for about a day, a full 20-21 hrs at home. I hated it. My midwife yelled at me for not trying hard enough and was disgusted with me and I spent a good part of the day screaming and crying and telling everyone I needed help. Even though I was in my own home I felt a loss of dignity moreso than in the hospital. I was finally transferred when the midwife gave in and said she couldn't make me do something, "I didn't want to do" and in the hospital no doctor was there, it was around 11 pm (different hospital than first birth)...and they spent awhile trying to get me comfortable....I was given Stadol, it did absolutely nothing...I was given it through IV and a shot...didn't touch me or even make me high as some people say...I just screamed and screamed. Finally an epidural. It still did nothing. Absolutely nothing. A doctor was called and came and gave me a C-section and I was so incredibly relieved. I had been fully dilated for about 10 hrs with no baby...he turned out to be 10 pounds, due to my weight gain I think, and had never even really entered the birth canal. Crazy! Afterward the midwife apologized and said if I ever get preg again and it turns out to be a big baby again I should have another C-section. I am seeing the dr who was called in to do the section now during this pregnancy, because I though the was pretty good. He gave me the option of a scheduled C-section or a possible VBAC, we're playing it by ear now.

My first baby was 7 pounds even. I am trying to watch my weight this time and not eat too much. But I am terrified. I am already having labor nightmares. I don't want to be in pain. I don't want to do birth natural birth again. But I am afraid the pain relief won't help me again....part of me is like, maybe it's just easier to do another C-section...which I wasn't scared of after 27 hrs of excruciating labor at 3am...but a scheduled section where I'm hyper aware and not in pain scares me too. I have so much anxiety already. This pregnancy was a surprise as we were trying to avoid and I cannot believe after my labors I am pregnant again. I feel like the only way out is like me being marched off to my death. I'm sorry this is so long, I just needed to get this all out.

And yes, the births were horrible, but I was happy when they came out and it was so worth it! The trauma of the births don't bother me day to day really. It's only like now, when I realize I must do it again....
Did you have a doula at either of these births?
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[QUOTE=Babina's Mommy;15837186
he turned out to be 10 pounds, due to my weight gain I think,[/QUOTE]

had they done a GD test? because more weight gain and a big baby are often due to undiagnosed GD. and you can do it this time it sounds like your biggest problem ended up being the unsupportive midwife making everything worse.
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I am totally scared of labor, and am very heavily leaning toward a repeat c-section out of fear!

With my DD I had pretty high blood pressure. My water broke at 12:15am when I was 37 w 2 d. No contractions yet, I was excited. I called my midwife, she encouraged me to stay home until contractions were 5-7 minutes apart. Contractions started within 20 minutes of water breaking. At 4am things were picking up and getting painful. I called my midwife, she told me contractions were still too far apart, stay home (hospital is 40ish minutes away). At 7am I couldn't wait any longer, I called my midwife and told her I was heading to the hospital. The contractions eased up a bit in the car, thank God. When I checked-in to the hospital I was 5 cm and guess what...that wasn't a head the midwife felt...my DD turned breech after my water broke - YAY. Now I had to wait for a free operating room, as breech babies must be born via c-section in my state. Contractions are picking up, pain is AWFUL. I ask for pain medication since this is all leading up to a c-section, they say it's too late for that, at this point I have to wait for the operating room. At 10:15ish I am wheeled into the operating room at 9cm and feeling ready to push. I get the spinal and c-section and my DD is delivered at 10:24am. She had the cord wrapped around her neck three times, but she was perfectly healthy and beautiful. I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the operating table while they finished up after taking DD to be weighed, etc with DH. Maybe it was more painful because she was breech? They say I'm an excellent candidate for VBAC, but I'm too scared to go through that pain again...even more so if it ends up in another c-section anyway. It was sooo much worse than I ever expected - if they had told me that the delivery was going to kill me, but the baby would be OK I would have said fine...whatever it takes to end this pain!!!
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I can relate to you AJewelz, absolutely!

I had a doula at the second birth. She worked for the midwife. She was good and helpful but still couldn't help me in the end.

I had the GD test during pregnancy, the results were fine. Baby's sugar was tested after birth because he was big, also fine.

I gained 50 pounds with him, and he was 10 pounds. My first, I gained only 21 and she was 7 pounds....so I definitely saw trend there. Big babies run on my hub's side, but not mine. I am kind of small, so even just carrying a big baby toward the end of my pregnancy gave me that separated pelvis condition, which was very painful. Still he had been estimated at weighing about two pounds less than he did.

I am guessing that after 10 hrs of being fully dilated, there's a good chance he may have never come out on his own. I didn't want to wait around to see. Like AJewelz I thought it may kill me, but I didn't care. The pain was horrible, and worse than my daughter's labor and that labor I had Pitocin and this was worse. Everybody was kind of acting like I was overreacting and to calm down. Later I was told I was probably in more pain than usual due to my body trying to get him out, him trying to get out, and not being able to. They said his head wasn't coneheaded in the slightest. Yet the whole time the midwife kept assuring me he was like a minute from coming out. And I felt it was just wrong. The doula was good at just reassuring me, and not being judgemental...

I know this is a natural parenting community, and natural birthing is encouraged and I fully support it and I live many aspects of my life as natural as possible...but I have come to the realization that I do not birth well...I know some wouldn't want me to say something like this, but I am okay with it...I am known among people as the girl with horrible labors...these are actually very shortened versions of my birth stories, there was a lot more to both, so scary that other pregnant women have told me they have to stop reading my birth story halfway through because it was freaking them out. All I do want in the end is a healthy baby and a healthy me, so I can take care of my family, and this time to not have a traumatic birth...my midwife was upset after my section she mentioned how she wanted to erase my being traumatized by the first birth at the hospital by having the homebirth and there I went and had a section and was probably traumatized. I had to admit that the C-section did not traumatize me but I did not tell her how she actually did. I recovered good from the section no real issues to speak of but I know each time is different that's why this time I'm just hoping for the best either way....
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It really makes me furious when people act like someone in pain is faking it or exaggerating it or overreacting.

I had horrible sciatica strike me suddenly one Thursday afternoon about a week before DS was born. I was lucky to have the phone nearby, so I could call DH to come home from work (an hour away) because I could not move at all. If I tried, the pain would shoot through my nervous system so bad that i would collapse. I guess the signals to control my limbs were being blocked by the pain.

Anyway, it got gradually better. By the time the midwife was there 2 days later, I was able to walk to the bathroom myself. (2 days earlier I had to be carried and the whole experience was excruciatingly painful.) She didn't believe that the pain and failing muscles had been as bad as I said it was. I heard her whispering to my husband not to baby me -- to make me do things myself. Grrrr!
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That is so awful. At both of my births, I had a frowny face next to my name on the board at the nurse's station. I am an absolute pit bull about what I want. There were some nice nurses there, and my OB was wonderful, going out of his way to try to help me get comfortable after, but most of them just wanted to do things their way.

Reading this has really reassured me. I think if the labor is unbearable like my first, then I am going to ask for a c-section. I'm sure my son would have just fallen out if they hadn't wheeled me into surgery just then. What a difference between their two labors.

I understand labor is painful, but to go through 3 nights of contractions you can't sleep through in a row, and then have that horrible pain that has you vomiting bile for hours and hours, and then find out you're still 3cm - I will never go through that again.
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