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Sorry I took so long to report back! I didn't end up getting a version because my baby was already head down!!! I think what worked was lying inverted on the ironing board and doing the child's pose-ish position (booty in the air, chest on the ground, face on a pillow).

Octobermama, you're in my thoughts and I really hope your acupuncturist is right and baby has turned!! I think your attitude is totally right on! I also was planning to wait and not schedule a C/S until after my EDD. I've read stories here about BIG babies turning really late and I know someone who's baby turned ON their due date and was born the next day! But, a healthy baby is the MOST important thing and something my MW told me the day I found out my baby was breech is "Sometimes God has a message for us that we can't hear...". Your baby may know and have a good reason, like you said. I'm glad you're trusting your baby. I hope and pray you get good news tomorrow but know that all will turn out well even if it's via a C/S!
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ladies, thanks for all your positivity! unfortunately, my baby is stubborn and just refuses to get head down. we scheduled the c/s for the 26th, with the hope that i'll go into labor on my own before then. i'll keep trying to turn the baby on my own and i'll start trying to induce labor at the end of the week. hopefully the baby will decide to turn at the last minute. DH keeps saying the baby takes after him and is a procrastinator...i hope he's right! and if not, i have to assume that there is some reason this is my baby's path into the world
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Stellamia - Congrats on your baby turning on his/her own!!! What an amazing feeling, eh? It's so strange their timing and stressing mommas out! How many weeks/days were you when he/she turned?
What are you doing to keep him headdown? I asked my OB what to do and he said, "You have no control!" But spinningbabies.com and other sites say you can do things to "help" them stay down - avoid laying on back, walking, etc.

OctoberMamma - He is a stubborn little one! I know exactly how you are feeling - there is nothing you can 'do' to get him to turn. As everyone is reiterating to you, there is definitely a reason he is not turning especially since the version did not work. I want to be positive for you and keep cheering him on - if he was meant to turn, HE WILL!!!! Like everyone else, I have heard of so many babies turning at the last minute! It could happen! If it doesn't, then it doesn't and you trust your baby. I was smiling when i read your post a few days ago that said your acupuncturist said he thought he turned but you didn't want to get your hopes up. My CHIRO did the same thing to me - she was pretty sure the baby turned and I was so excited for a few days until my ultrasound, only to find out he was still HEAD UP, just like you! UGH!!!!! I don't blame you for trying to wait as long as possible for him to turn but at least you have a c-section scheduled - which doesn't mean that will happen. Your birth story is yet to be determined! How many weeks are you now? Keep us updated!

I will do the same....just praying my boy stays head down. It's been about 4 days so that's good, but anything can happen. If he turns back head up I will also resign like I am preaching to OctoberMama, there's a reason and I will accept the c-section!
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hoping, i will be 39 weeks tomorrow. the OB said yesterday i was measuring a little ahead, but for some reason i don't believe him. i had contractions all day today, but they petered out before i got up the nerve to call the doc's office. i'm still hoping labor will start spontaneously so at least i know the little one is ready. good luck to you and i'm definitely thinking "stay head down" thoughts for you!
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