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30-something mamas TTC #2 or more - September

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Welcome to SEPTEMBER 30-Something Mamas
TTC #2 or more

A May/June little bundle of joy would be wonderful

Our Members
bunziemom (Dee)
emski4379 (Emma)
heavensearth (Serena)
Kokopelli-mana (Maria)
lillyblossom (Jaimee)
littlestinkers (Sandra)
mad4mady (Megan)
Mama~Love (Mollie)
MichaelsSahm (Ann)
shruley (Sarah)
shymama (Rebecca)
sweet tea
Tulpen88 (Callie)

P.S. New members are welcome! Just post and say hello! Please try to join the group early in your cycle (pre-O) so that we can get to know you and cheer you on during the 2ww!
P.P.S. If you used to post here and don't see your name on the list, it's because you didn't post in the last month. just let me know if you want to be added back to the list.

Our success stories!

mija y mijo, slinkyfish
CarolinaKel, mclisa (Michelle), jr'smom
In July
Lousli, forest~mama, Gabesgrrrl, phillybama, milosmomma, love_r4ks, suzywan, mamalove1
In June
mommytoallh, chisub

Please check out the sticky at the top of the TTC forum for a very helpful list of abbreviations!
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Thanks for starting a new thread Callie.

I'm done with the Clomid, now the waiting begins.
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Mollie - So the hope is that you will O in the next 1-2 weeks? I hope your body gets the message and releases an egg for you!

Emma - I checked out your chart and it's looking nice! When are you testing again?

AFM - 4 dpo. Nothing exciting to report, but the Prometrium is helping with the spotting, thank goodness.
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I hope it's within that time! Once the EWCM starts, I'll start using my OPK's.

And YAY for no spotting! I'll have my for you too!
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Hi Ladies

Callie - thank you for picking up the thread.

Mollie - glad you are not having the spotting! Hoping you O soon!

I am 9dpo. If my temps are still up tomorrow, I am going to test. They were down a bit today and I am not having to pee all the time so am kind of expecting my temp to continue to go down.
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Thanks Callie for the new thread!

Well I am a bit frazzled right now and here is why...

Last night I had a bout of nausea (like 9pm) and then again in the middle of the night. Morning I was fine. Now tonight, again, another bout of nausea. Then it went away. And this is pretty severe nausea mind you...almost about to throw up. I have been eating the same things in the house as my husband and his stomach is fine. Well here is why I am a bit frazzled by this. I had a "period" from 9/2-9/6. Back in my last cycle, we DTD during my fertile times but used the withdrawl method which we are pretty good at . Well in the middle of the month (August) I had this random yeast infection. I am prone to getting them but this was a really random one. I also had a dream a few nights ago that I was pregnant and it was a very real dream where I could FEEL how it felt to have that heavy belly and that pressure on my pelvic floor. When I was pregnant with my DS, what I thought was a period was actually implantation bleeding that lasted for about 7 days and while not as heavy as usual, i still used a tampon. We figured this out when I had my first ultrasound and they determined the baby's gestation age to be older than what I thought. Also, back when I was pregnant in Feb/Mar I remember getting really nauseous in the middle of the night and evenings only. I am also having twinges in my breasts but I did just wean my DS so I have been attributing these twinges to my milk supply (if there was any) drying up. So....

This is just weird. Wouldn't have thought anything of it except for these weird bouts of nausea. I did get acupuncture today and yesterday so I am wondering if the nausea is coming from that except that I have never had that happen before (i went to acup school and have had a lot of acup) and the treatments they did really shouldn't be causing nausea to my knowledge.

I am POASing in the morning....I will keep ya posted!

In the meantime I will share what my acupuncturist shared with me. To keep your womb warm don't drink cold drinks (ice water etc) or eat cold food like raw veggies and salads. And to make ginger tea from chopped ginger placed in water and boil till you smell the ginger and add honey. This will help with the warming of the womb.

Can't wait to hear how everyone's month fairs out! Thinking of you all!!
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Mollie-FX crossed O happens soon!

JonahRoo-We need an update! What are the test results?

AFM-my temp keeps dropping, so I think I'm out. Last time I was preggers, my temp went above 98, and this time it never got that high. Plus I had gotten a BFP by 10dpo, and it is now 15 and I'm still getting BFNs. I have another test, but think I'll just wait and see whay my temp does tomorrow.
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Jonah - I'm also waiting for an update!

Emma - I'm sorry you think you're out.

EllyMay - Waiting for an update from you too!

AFM - I didn't get to temp this morning. Boo! DS was up all.night.long last night. It was awful. He wanted to go downstairs, and we ended up staying downstairs for about 2 hours in the middle of the night. Then he STILL wouldn't go to sleep. So by the time I got to sleep, it was about 4 AM.... Needless to say, I'm exhausted today. I hope we can all take long naps.
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Oh Callie - I hope you can have a nice restful day. Being up off and on all night really messes the whole day up - especially if no nap!

Emma - sorry about the temps. How long is your LP normally?

Jonah - did you test? RESULTS? How many dpo are you?

Mollie - thinking about you!

AFM - 10 dpo. Temps last mo (this is only my 2nd mo temping - as long as I have been trying you would think I would have started temping a long time ago!) anyway, last mo at 10 dpo temp hit my cover line. This morning my temp was 98.65 and my cover line is 97.9! So I tested - BFN but oh well, still holding out hope! If my temps are still up Monday, I will test again. My LP is normally 12 days but I took soy and don't know if that will change it? Also stopped that medication that increased my prolactin so don't know if that will lengthen my LP.
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Hey everyone!

BFN this morning. I am not sad about this because I am really feeling like I want to be on certain supplements and get acupuncture for at least a month to prepare my body. However I will say that I am nauseous AGAIN tonight. Not nauseous today at all but just this evening. This would be 3 nights in a row. And last nights nausea was weird because it lasted all night and finally at 2am I got up and ate a banana and it helped. It's like that hollow sensation in your stomach. Definitely reminds me of pregnancy. Isn't that weird???

Assuming the last period I had was in fact a period then that would make me CD10 today. So anyway....

Just weirdness over here. Don't mind me... )
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JonahRoo-Hugs. I had a weird bout of nausea for a few days last month too. It went away after a few days.

AFM-I thought I was out for sure. My temp went way up this morning though, so I decided to take a test. All I had was a Target blue dye +/- test. I think I can see a super faint positive on it, but since it's blue dye, I don't trust it. I'll have to pick up another test or 2 today and try them again tomorrow. Arrggghhhhh! Today is going to be the longest day EVER!
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Emma - Take a test today!! There's no need to wait until tomorrow! Your chart looks awesome. Test! Test! Test! (no pressure)

JonahRoo - I understand wanting to be on supplements, etc. I really hate that you've been dealing with all that nausea though. That sucks!

EllyMay - Sorry about the BFN. Do you have a link to your chart? I can add it to the list if you want!

AFM - DS refused to nap yesterday and I was at the end of my rope. DH took him out for a car ride (we knew he'd fall asleep in the car) and I was able to stay home and nap. It was wonderful! DS slept a lot better last night too, thank goodness. He does seem to have a little cold though. He's all snotty and he's sneezing and coughing some.

I've got nothing to report as far as 2ww symptoms or anything. I won't let myself start obsessing over that stuff until tomorrow or so.
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Hello everyone! I just found this thread, and I'm excited to jump in. We've been trying for 22 months for #2. Today is CD 23 and my breakfast tastes really off this morning. I was really wiped out for energy yesterday. Hoping these are both signs! My cycle is usually a little short, around 27 days, so fingers crossed I'll know something in a few days.
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count me in

Hello! I'd like to join! TTC baby #4 for about 2 years with no luck! Doing something new this month. My Dr has me on Medroxyprogesterone for 7 days to start a period (PCOS, I only get periods once a year naturally) And then we are trying a drug called Femara, stepping up the doses on period days 1-4. Today is progesterone day 3. I've not heard of Femara prior to last week so I've been researching it. I guess it's not approved for infertility (just breast cancer treatments?) But has less risk of side effect and multiples than Clomid. My son was conceived using Clomid, so we are gonna give Femara a try for a few months then switch if nothing happens. I'm also taking prenatals to get myself more ready and ordered a bunch of O & P tests off ebay for a few dollars

SO happy to be a part of this thread and read everyones stories

ellasmommy- good luck!
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Welcome new members sweet tea & ella's mommy

Emma - Let us know if you test again today-your chart does look great!

JonahRoo - You think the new acupuncture is causing the nasea? Hope you feel better soon!

EllyMay - 10dpo is early to test, so definitely keep an eye on your temps and try again.

Callie- Glad to hear you caught up on some sleep - how nice of your DH to give you some time. Hope your little one feels better soon! Oh, and thanks for setting up the new thread

AFM - 4dpo today. Not too hopeful about this cycle as I caught O late and we only dtd one day, day of O... This month is cycle #4 of really TTC (temping,etc), but we have been free of interventions for almost a year... I am starting to wonder if I should see a professional. The only thing I did was have my annual OBGYN appointment and tell her I was TTC, I got the green light from her, but she didn't do any tests except PAP.
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I tested again this afternoon and got a BFN. I had already pee'd like 5 times though, so I think the urine was too diluted. I'll wait until tomorrow to use FMU. Oh, and that is and of itself is weird, btw. That I pee'd 5 times in one morning.
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Such sad news on our old thread

Mollie, good luck!!! hope this is your last round of Clomid!

EllyMayMommy, keep us posted! its still early to test!

Welcome Ella's Mommy and Sweet Tea! Hope you enjoy your time here, but don't stay too long

Emma, I would think all the pee would screw up your results. Sending you lots of good vibes for tomorrow morning!!!

Im 4 dpo, O'd 5 days earlier this month on CD 21! Im out of Clomid and will run out of Metformin next week. I have an appointment with the dr the week after that (he's on vacation) so im really hoping that this month is the month!!! I suppose even if it isn't, there is still a small chance that ill have a longer LP and make it to my appointment before needing the Clomid.

Ive been having a lot of cramps for the last 2 days, very uncomfortable and im not sure why? today seems to be better.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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Jonah - bummer on the nausea. That is such an uncomfortable feeling - especially if you dont have a good (baby) reason behind it. Maybe you do! Like everyone has said - 10 days is pretty early.

Emma - wow! I bet today has been a long day - I don't blame you for retesting but don't give up hope - FMU will be a lot stronger. Can't wait to hear!

Callie - awww - hope ds is feeling better. One of my boys does not sleep well at all when he has a cold and I end up awake all night as well. I bet the nap was heavenly!

Ella'sMommy - nice to have you. The ladies here are wonderful. I hated the taste changes of early pregnancy - that metallic taste in your mouth. Ugg.

Sweet Tea - we are trying for #4 as well. We aren't going to go with all the interventions so I don't know much about them but I hope that the Femara is your miracle medication!

Myorianna - we hit an early O and it messed our timing up as well - only dtd one time in my fertile time Sunday with O on Wednesday. Still hoping though!

Heavensearth - hope this is the month for you!

Callie - here is my chart! What do you think?

AFM - 11 dpo. Temp was down a bit this morning so I did not test. Still well above my cover line so not too upset. If my temps are above my cover line at all tomorrow, I will test! Prayers!
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Welcome Ella's Mommy and Sweet Tea!!!

EllyMay - Hope your temp is still up tomorrow! Praying for a BFP!!!

Emma - A BFP is awesome news! Anxiously awaiting to see an update tomorrow!!!

Callie - Hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

AFM - I went out and bought 10 HPT from the dollar store. I've peed on 3 so far... and I'm ONLY 6 dpo. I'm obsessed. I can't wait to test again tomorrow, even though I know that it's way too early.
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Callie-How is the little guy?

EllyMay-Update? Did your temp go up or down?

MyM-lol...I plan to buy some $1 store tests today too.

AFM-Another $12 down the drain. From now on, I'm only buying $1 store tests. Another BFN, but my temp went up. On to waiting another day, I guess.
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