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Mollie - I'm your FB friend now, but I still haven't gotten an invitation to the group. Hmm... Yay for 9 dpo! I hear you on testing... 9 dpo is when I start to get the itch to test.

Myorianna - Yep, what Mollie said about FB is right. Private groups don't show up on your news feed or even in your list of groups. They're basically invisible except to the people who belong to them. They're pretty cool! If you had a bad birth experience at a hospital, I definitely recommend checking out some birth centers. We only have 1 in the state of NC, I think, but luckily it's not too far from us. I had a very good experience with Nate's birth.

Sarah - Welcome! I'm sorry it has taken your body some time to adjust to having the IUD out. Hopefully your cycles will be fine from here on out. As for cramping, I'm sure it's normal whether you're pregant or not. I remember having cramping throughout my first trimester when I was pregnant with my son.

AFM - Well, I didn't get to jump DH last night. Boo! I got home from my mom's night out a little late, and he was already asleep. I tried to wake him up, but he turned me down. :P He wanted to sleep. I understand that, so I left him alone. Luckily my OPK still wasn't + this morning, so I feel like we have time. I am guessing I'll have a +OPK tomorrow, so maybe I'll O on Friday or Saturday.
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I am going to do a personal one in a little while. I am still trying to remember names! I am so slow on that.
So far no AF, I keep having this pregnancy dreams! I am on CD25
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CD 20 getting there...
i'm so good at fooling myself into thinking i have symptoms that i drive myself crazy. i had DH checking out my boobs today to see if they look "different"; he quite enjoyed it though and asked if he could do a "touch test" too. lol but i'm SO tired and i feel so odd in my abdomen (having odd pains last night after working out, like twitches and little shooting pains here and there that i don't usually feel-now i'm convinced that i'm imagining round ligament pain LOL) and i'm gassy and i could swear my breasts are larger and...ugh. why do i talk myself into this stuff? then i feel like such a dummy when AF comes! anyone else do this???
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Mollie - I hope you can hold out testing until a bit later so you don't drive yourself into stress-ville like I always do. I am keeping my for you, I am so hoping you get a BFP!

Callie - Save your energy for the +OPK - then run the marathon

Ann - When do you think you will test?

tjjazzy - I know what you mean about the symptoms- I have been doing that every month...feeling twinges- etc. So I completely understand - hang in there!

AFM - Just bought a new package of OPK's, not the digital this time. Because my surge seems so short (I always show up as having O'd the same day as +OPK) I want to test 2x a day starting at 11dpo so I don't miss the critical time...my O date has varied between cd14 to cd18, but my luteal phase seems to stay around 15 days.
Oh, and my first acupuncture appointment is tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by myorianna View Post

Ann - When do you think you will test?

I am supposed to be due for AF on Sunday (I hope she stays away) so if she is not there by wednesday. I will test!
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Ann - Wow, I'm impressed with your resolve to wait to test. There's no way I could wait until Weds if AF was due on Sunday. Then again, AF has never, ever, ever been late for me, except when I was pregnant.

Myorianna - I also have a short surge. I often O on the day of a +OPK too. GL with your acupuncture appt today! If you haven't checked them out, you might want to look at the OPKs on Amazon.com. You can get some really cheap tests there.

tjjazzy - Yeah, I think most of us probably overanalyze symptoms during the 2ww. It sucks! I try to ignore them as much as I can, but by the time I get to about 9 dpo, I'm noticing every twinge, etc.

Mollie - Like I said on FB, your chart looks great! I hope you get a BFP in the next few days!

AFM - Yay I got my +OPK today! We had a fabulous time last night, and I'm hoping for a repeat performance tonight.
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Thanks Callie! I'm on a short vacation now thru Sunday. For some reason, I can't access the FB group on my iTouch. So I'll post here unless I figure it out.
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Callie - Yey for the +OPK! Hope you are busy tonight as well

Mollie - I just accepted you as my FB friend, but I still can't see the group. Where are you going on vacation? Hope you have fun!

AFM - So I had my acupuncture appointment today, and the whole hour was spent on consultation so that she could get all the details she needed about my past/present. Then she checked my pulse and probed me a bit. She even had me print my charting cycles from ff so she could take a look at them.
Apparently she thinks I run too "hot" according to my temps, which to her means slight inflammation. She also thinks that I don't clear my lining completely between cycles so she will work on that with some herbs.

My first "real" appointment is on Saturday so that maybe we can catch this cycle, who knows? She also said she may want to see DH as this is 50/50.
Just finished with AF.
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myorianna - glad your appt went well! It sounds promising!
We're at the company cabin through work. Very nice, and not a "cabin" at all, more like a million dollar log home! It's awesome!

AFM - 11 DPO. Had another BFP dream last night. Temp still up today, but I'm cramping a bit. Not out til the hag shows!
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Mollie - I hope the cramping is just implantation! Enjoy the cabin. That sounds awesome! Don't you just love those million dollar "cabins"? Are your kids there too?

Myorianna - Yep, we were busy last night too. Your acupuncturist sounds very thorough. That's great! I hope you enjoy your first appt.

AFM - Last night I was putting DS to bed and somehow the topic of babies came up. I asked him if he wanted us to have another baby come live with us and he said yes. Then I asked him if he wants a boy or a girl and he said girl. Then I asked him what we should name her and he said "Mommy." I said "Mommy?" and he said, "No, Nate!" and I said "We can't name her Nate. That's your name!" and he said "Hmm.... Nemo!" He cracks me up. If we get pregnant this cycle, the baby is definitely going to be known as Nemo.
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That's too funny Callie . I like Nemo! Very cute!

The kids are all here with us, but the boys have school. They have a home football game tonight that we'll go to. I'm off work, so it's one of the few games I'll be able to go to. We're having a great time!
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Starting to spot a bit now, seems late for implantation spotting. Guess it's AF on the way. We didn't have much of a chance this time anyway. Tests have all been stark white, not even a hint of something.
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Mollie - I hope it stops. Lots of people (me included) spot in the 1st trimester, so don't give up hope yet.
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I started a very spooky October thread!
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I am on CD27 Please AF stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!
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