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BH that just never stop?

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I've been having fairly strong uncomfortable (although not labor painful) BH contractions since about 28 weeks, and recently (now 39+3) they NEVER stop, not even when I'm resting, sleeping etc. Baby seems fine and all, but I am restless and uncomfortable all the time! And my poor uterus just feels worn out! Anything I can do to help them stop? And when should I be concerned, if at all?

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Thats what is called prodromal labor.

It sucks, huh? I cant help you get rid of them, nothing works for me.

However some suggestions that people give (go ahead and try them, I hope you can find one that works!)

Drink a glass of wine
Take a bath
Make sure you are well hydrated
get lots of rest

Good luck!
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I am due in early Oct. but I feel the same way, I have been having constant braxton hicks for weeks now. I think my uterus is irritable. It seems like it is always hard no matter what I am doing. It wasn't like this with my last three.
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I'm having the same thing, what feels like nearly constant Braxton-Hicks at 31 weeks. It's sort of freaking me out since I didn't have this frequency with my previous 3 pregnancies.

So, last night I had DH make dinner and I hung out on the couch for hours. Drank plenty of water, etc. Today it seems to be a little better, haven't had one in a couple of hours.

Hope you're feeling better soon- sounds like that baby is coming soon!
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The only things that helped me were drinking TONS of water (way more than I felt like drinking) and resting. Those two things really cut down on the prodomal labor for me. (And I didn't have this with my first child either).
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I have them too and its terrible!!! The only thing that works for me is having half a drink... but that doesn't last long. SOMETIMES a bath works... but not always. I can commiserate with you....
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I had a solid day of contractions this week, thought for sure labor was imminent....but I pped my calcium/magnesium intake per my midwife's suggestion. Duh, why didn't I think of that? Magnesium is a muscle relaxer! I took 3,000 mg calcium and 1,500 mg magnesium. My uterus has been chill ever since. The worst that can happen is you can get loose stools from a big dose of magnesium. Definitely worth a try.
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I have essentially nonstop BH in all of my pregnancies starting at about 15 weeks. I always worry about preterm labor, but here I am 39 weeks today. My first two were full term (1 overdue) also. One result I have associated with the constant BH is that I have a very effective uterus and have only spent 20 minutes pushing out my first and 10 minutes pushing out my second. I also have minimal bleeding after delivery. So, maybe there is a benefit to being uncomfortable all the time!
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