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Anyone else with Gestational Diabetes?

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been doing pretty well and diet controlled for now. Had to start eating a snack before bedtime to keep the fasting numbers lower and have to increase my workouts to 2 times per day.

really resenting other pregnant women who go out for ice cream or enjoy a lovely pastry and coffee in the morning, but trying to stay positive.

The nurse I see for GD keeps saying "just relax and you'll be fine, but you'll need insulin soon." grumble I'm not on it yet, so please don't threaten me, but then tell me to relax!

Any snack/recipes you want to share, just checking in with any other low-carb ladies.
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I'm pretty sure I am. My appointment is on Wednesday. I opted out of the GTT, and then decided to use the glucometer for a week, and my numbers are kinda ugly. I'm having a really, really hard time with it. I think I need to add meat back into my diet. The thought of eating meat makes me salivate, the thought of cooking it makes me want to yak. But seriously, I'm having to restrict my diet to nuts, seeds, veggies, and oil, with just one serving of grain, beans, or fruit to keep my numbers down.It's making me insane.

A filling and modestly easy meal I did last week was to slice cabbage (purple and green) and saute it in olive oil with a splash of soy sauce and some black pepper. It's crunchy and slightly savory, without too many carbs. A little onion goes nicely with it, and sometimes I add a bit of red wine vinegar. Kale is good like that too, but of course a different texture and slightly bitter taste. I was thinking this afternoon that walnuts would go nicely with it.
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me! just found out today, still trying to process.
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I've had it since week one corysmilk, so let me know if I can help at all. Anyone else want to join a GD support group?
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oh boy! today I am going to a dietiction to learn how to prick my finger. My levels are very very high. I am kinda scared, I was told if this baby gets big I 'll have to have a csection. They don't want me to have a rupture. she was 6 pounds 2 weeks ago, my biggest baby was 7 lbs 7oz and 7 days overdue. I only have 4 1/2 weeks left. But I feel terrable, vomiting, shaky, my head is killing me all the time. and I have no idea what to eat.... I have been avoiding sugar and white flour, white anything really.

I hope to get some anwsers today.

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I have GD too, this whole pregnancy I have been feeling awful but when i started watching my diet (limiting the carbs) i feel way better. The trick is to get enough, if you get to little your nmbrs are too low but too much and thats not good. It takes so much planning to figure out what to eat, im more of a eat what i can find person not a planner so its a bit of a hassle. Ive been able to control my nmbrs during the day when i eat like i should but since my fasting is still too high they put me on glybride(not spelled right) not happy about it

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I have it, too. I'm in my 36th week and am also SO sick of not being able to enjoy the treats that many others talk about. So far, I've been able to keep my numbers good with just diet and some very light exercise. My suggestions for food are to avoid all cereals and most fruits (I can do a few raspberries, cantaloupe, or some peach/nectarine after lunch with cottage cheese or greek plain yogurt). Eat only whole wheat bread and crackers, no bagels, no pastas...  My typical day goes like this: once slice of whole wheat toast with PB for breakfast, a snack about three hours later, which usually is dry soy nuts or two string cheeses with about five wheat crackers, lunch- something with mostly protein and no more than 20 carbs, another snack- maybe cottage cheese with a tiny bit of the good fruits mentioned above, dinner- tacos with beef, beans, or chicken work very well. Other good meals are chili, fish, and chinese food (mongolian beef is my fav).  The diet really sucks. People try to tell you that it is healthier, but it really isn't to me. It is higher in fat, cholesterol, and sodium than I am used to eating, and I gain just as much or more weight eating like this. My best tips are to remember that you aren't paying attention to just sugar- you have to look at the carbs altogether. Also, high fiber = your best friend. Each gram of fiber counteracts each gram of carbs that you eat. Always have protein when you have carbs. Eat as many salads a day as you can handle. Never drink milk or eat fruit or cereal in the morning. In fact, I avoid milk most all the time and get my calcium from other foods and vitamins. I couldn't even do plain oatmeal, like some people. I did miss cereal, though, and I found that Special K Protein Plus cereal is the ONE and only that actually works really well for me because it is packed with fiber and protein and low in carbs. I just have to eat it dry. And yes- a snack before bed helps the fasting levels. I prefer string cheese and a couple wheat crackers or the special k protein plus.

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One more thing- look into taking cinnamon capsules also. There are some who believe it has the ability to lower blood sugar, but the research is not conclusive.

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