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We've go the polyester STINK! Bleach or Oxiclean?

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All of my diapers with even a hint of polyester in them, including Motherease one-size fitteds and a BabyKicks hemp-cotton fitted, have a serious ammonia stink the second DD pees in them. Gross. None of my 100% cotton prefolds or fitteds have this issue (go cotton!!!).

From what I have read on these boards so far about ammonia stink, my poly-blend dipes need some sort of super sanitizing clean. Is it better for the diapers to use oxiclean or bleach? I am afraid of the harsh chemicals destroying the diapers or being too harsh on DD's cute little buns. Is one option better/safer? I would rather just switch to 100% cotton entirely, but DH wants me to try to save the MEOS before buying something new.

Any thoughts?
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I have used bleach numerous times and never had a issue, but if you are worried about it you could always do the oxyclean first and it that doesn't work pull out the big guns of bleach.

I would also do several hot washes with no soap at the end of the cycle. Hot water gets build up out better and IME when I have ammonia smell it is from detergent build up. Several hot washes with no soap (till I see no suds) does the trick.
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For ammonia-like smell I believe you have to get rid of ammonia crystals built up. That takes vinegar according to what I've read here. I remember reading to soak overnight in up to 4 cups of vinegar in the load, and use 1/2cup in the initial rinse for prevention. I hope that helps. One warning: vinegar can be harsh on elastics, so go as easy as you can get away with.
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I use bleach every 3 months or so and it totally clears up any and all stink issues. I use it on everything. I have not noticed any color fading or any extra wear and tear because of it.
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my stink wasn't too bad and a strip overnight with rockin green as per the bag followed by a lot of rinses worked.
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When you gals use bleach what do you do? Soak them? How much / how long? Or just add it to the washer? Instead of detergent? And do you wash again afterwards to get the bleach out?
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It just takes a Tbsp or two of bleach in the wash cycle.
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Honestly, I would try the OxyClean first. It may not seem like it for awhile but bleach will break down the fibers of many fabrics over time. I use RnG and OxyClean when I need to strip our diapers and it works great! I've never needed bleach. Better to be safe than sorry, IMO.
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