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Re: I ordered one some time ago

Originally posted by DreamingMama
and have not seen it yet or had an update of any kind so I have no idea when I will get it. I hope it is already in the mail and it is just the stupid Canadian customs holding it up as per usual.
How long ago is "some time"? Seriously, I can't do more than a 4 week wait.. it drives me nuts and makes me feel icky! lol
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Actually I asked her what was up ... she says her dh is out of work at the moment and she's the sole breadwinner ...he was giving her a hard time about getting too few orders lately ... she sure showed him LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She also said that at last count it was a 7-8 weeks wait.
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Originally posted by thundersweet
Somebody help me with my order. Should I go ahead and order for a baby thats due at the end of the summer or close to it? I mean I have no measurements or anything. Should I pass? Order some for next year? Help!!
Ok I went ahead and ordered a small and medium in sunburst and seaside. I figure by next summer baby with hopefully be wearing a medium or he can just wear them inside.
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Originally posted by saharamama
Wild guess here ... but I bet the shearing is coming up quickly and the yarn needs to be paid for ... what better way to generate fast cash than to have a SUPER sale!

These are going to be a staple in dd's summer wardrobe! Can't wait!
She told me that she had a big bill to pay. And that she is going to have some very sore fingers for several weeks.

I have 2 pairs mailing out on Monday so I'll post pics once I get a lesson on it from my dd.:
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We ordered green heather & midnight blue early yesterday afternoon, she told me 4 weeks. I'm so excited to get these!
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I ordered a seaside and a peacock and heather green as an alternate color in case one of those wasn't available. She said my turn around time was 5-6 weeks. Now I just have to put them out of my head or I'll be sitting by my mail box every day between now and then harassing my poor mail carrier!
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I would so much love to get a couple more, I just don't have the $$ right now. I wonder if I can get a raincheck.
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