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pamalamama - the first one is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your second link doesn't work

www.thebabywearer.com had a contest recently to design a babywearing logo. you have to check out the winner and the other entries! they are great! they will be offering the designs for sale soon - i can't wait!!! they should be shut some people up!!

for the most part - i get nice positive comments. the only time i got a negative comment was when i tried to leave ds in the nursery at church for 10 minutes while i finished up a class and he wanted to be held by the women. when i can back - they said - he was a little fussy but once he picked him up he was fine. its because you are always holding him...

yeah - well tough!
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I've had pretty much all the same comments mentioned here already. I've had good and bad comments. Most of the time it was good ones, but then the occasional *She seems so squished in there* etc. Luckily I don't tire of peoples constant questions that easily
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I'm lucky, I live in Alaska and baby wearing is extremely common - it's super simple here. Native Alaskan Mothers, sisters, anyone will just put baby on thier back, put on thier oversized coat & away they go... no slings!! I however, use a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch - I like having DS up front. However if we're going to be out a long time I do put him in the backpack carrier because it's easier on me & I don't have to carry all his junk separately - but that's not often.

I think that since Baby Bjorns are getting so common that it's becoming a more 'mainstream' concept. People that are familiar with them really have nice things to say about my pouch since it distributes DS weight more evenly, he has more options for positioins & it's easier to get in/out.

I'm so sorry for all of you that are getting negative comments. I'm sure I'll get some along the way *sigh*
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I so hear you. Peoplemake comments on everything from "can she breathe okkay to waon't that spoil her?" " can't she fall out " " your back's gonna kill you when you get older" I hate when people comment on things they know nothing abou!:
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Originally posted by EllasMummy

Most of the nice comments come from older ladies and most of the negative comments/looks come from mums with small children. I dont really understand why?
Me too!! WHY is that?? Seems all the grandmas love the sling idea, all the younger people think its stupid. I get the "can he breathe?'' comment. No you moron, I dont let my baby breathe....:
People stare at me like I have 2 heads, drives me crazy!!!!!

OH!!! But I was in the sewing machin shop one day, and the guy who owns the place said, "nice sling" did you know theres a lady in Boise who had an idea like that and makes Hip Hammocks?"
Isnt that cool? This older guy knew about slings and hip hammocks!!, LOL
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I have gotten lots of positive comments, but that was mostly all when I was wearing my older ds. Wearing my newborn has been creating quite a stir. I know my face turned red with anger when I was asked 'isn't he sufficating' last week while shopping. Yeah, I don't like him to breathe on a regular basis. :
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