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weight gaining question....

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so, i don't know how much i weighed to start with, i've seen talk of total weight gain, but i'm wondering... i gained 7.5 between my week 12 and week 16 appointments. is this about what y'all are gaining per month???

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I usually gain a lot between 12-16 weeks. With DS, it was 6 lbs; DD, it was 8 lbs. Not sure this time, but I didn't gain an ounce until week 13 or so and I feel confident that I'm up significantly now. For me, since I lose so much weight at the beginning, I feel like I'm bound to gain a lot in a short amount of time at some point since I have some "catch-up" weight to gain along with normal pregnancy weight.
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I don't pay a whole lot of attention to how much I gain but between my 9wk m/w appt and the last one at 17wks I had gained 5lbs.
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Had my 17 wk check up yesterday. I am +5 lbs. Doc wasnt concerned and said everything is right on track. He did mention exercise but just because its good to do while pregnant and at this stage my energy level is better.
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With my other two pregnancies, I gained a lot once or twice between visits, and my weight gain evened out or even stalled between the others. I gained something like 10lbs before my first prenatal appointment at 10 weeks this time, and another 5 between the first and second. But i started out as a twig.

My midwife says if there's significant weight gain that becomes a pattern, she can become alarmed, but otherwise there's a large range to what's normal.
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I'm up 3 lbs in 4 weeks, but was up 5 lbs the four weeks before. I th8ink I've gained a total of 10-15 lbs so far at 17 weeks (I'm 18 now but I don't weigh myself)

With DS I was gaining 1-2lbs a week first months and 8-10 months 2-3 lbs a weeks. Total I think 80, but I lost much of it quickly and I think a good portion was water weight. I'd lost I think 40lbs by 6 week check up.

If you feel good I wouldn't worry...
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In all my pregnancies I've had months when I had sudden growth spurts of 5-6lbs during the 2nd tri. With my first I gained 7lbs between 13-17wks. I'm still waiting for a sudden spurt this time, I'm sure it'll hit soon as these 2 start packing on weight.
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I think from what I've learned from many of my friends is that weight gain is vastly different between women and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. I'm average weight to start. With my first 2 pregnancies I gained 30 lbs almost exactly, and no weight gain the 1st trimester. Then steady weight gain the last 2 trimesters. This pregnancy I put on almost 10 lbs the first trimester. I'm up to about 12-14 lbs at 19 weeks.

I also find it tough to weigh myself at appt's. Depending on when the app't is, what you've eaten/drank can definitely influence the scale. I weigh myself once a week or so first thing in the morning to keep an eye on things.
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thank you so much ladies! really interesting to see all the different varieties of weight gain in here! i don't have a scale at home, and never normally know my weight, but i did find it really fun to see how much i'd gained. i'm not worried about how much or how little, but i do think it'll be great to see how much weight i gain between this appointment and the next...as you guys said to see if it's growth spurts or steady.

yeah! growing baby, growing mama!

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I think its different with each woman/pregnancy. First pregnancy I was up 12 by 19 weeks, gained 60 total. Second I was up 10, gained 40 total. This time I was up 4.5.
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in that time period.. 12- 16 weeks... no weigth gain weigh loss actually.

but i'm usually pretty regualr once i start gaining at about 1-3 lbs a month
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I think I gained 4lbs by 13 weeks. I am 16 weeks now and am not sure what I have gained. I am still wearing my regular clothes though my smaller shorts are no longer comfortable.

I go to the midwife next week at 17 weeks but she doesn't make me weigh myself so I doubt I will. I prefer to not get weighed if I can help it. I am sure I have gained because I have been starving!
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If it makes you feel any better, I gained 70 pounds with my first, and nothing in my first trimester. I lost it all (though it took 2 years). I didn't really do anything to lose it but nurse him.

I was back to my pre-preg weight when I got pregnant this time, though I'm gaining a lot less. I ate SO MUCH, and a lot of junk last time, so I'm just trying to eat healthy with little treats, and walk a bit, and I think I was up about 10 pounds at 17 weeks. Who knows what the end number will be, but a healthy baby is what really matters, our weight will eventually come off!
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so true april...but i look forward to seeing how much i've gained between 16 & 20 weeks... about a week and a half left. then to see how much i gain altogether.

i'm one of those people who have a hard time gaining weight normally, so it's a bit weird, but definitely great to see the morph into pregnancy goddess. and it seems to come on so easily now! at least those 7.5 pounds did!

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I normally refuse to weigh myself but my midwife was worried about me gaining enough weight so I weighed myself at the gym the other day. I am up 12lbs at 18 weeks. I could starve myself during pregnancy and still gain weight That cracks me up because normally I have trouble keeping weight on. I mean, I am eating an awesome healthy whole foods diet, running 30km a week and hitting the gym for weight training 3 times a week but I still gain! Of course, I want to gain because it means baby is growing.

I have gained weight differently with each pregnancy; I find it really interesting.

My pants and skirts are starting to get uncomfortable so I imagine I will have to move up to maternity clothes soon.
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I have gained 10lbs in 5 weeks, we looked back through my histories of weight gain, and here in the middle I tend to have two visits of HUGE leaps like around 10 lbs each and then I begin to gain very slowly until the end.
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I'm up 14lbs total. Apparently this is perfect since I started out kind of slender. I expect to do a pound a week from now on. As much as I'd be ok with doing less, I know that this is the healthier thing.
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i had a bit extra weigth still from my last so i'm not surprised to be losing a bit of weight.

But i'm growing outward.. i definalty have bit of a belly going okay... okay i definatley have a belly . but I lost a bit the first while with my second and i'm eating so i'm not worried
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Originally Posted by echospiritwarrior View Post
I have gained 10lbs in 5 weeks, we looked back through my histories of weight gain, and here in the middle I tend to have two visits of HUGE leaps like around 10 lbs each and then I begin to gain very slowly until the end.
This has been my pattern, too. More weight gain at the beginning (up 18 lbs at 20 wks), and less over the rest of the pregnancy. I've gained between 35 and 45 lbs with all of my kids and it looks like I'm on track to do the same again. Not that knowing that makes me any happier about it. . .
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i started my first pregnancy 10lb under where (underwear??lol) i was with my second, but i the end, gained 42 pounds with each. i know that i had some weeks of more/less gain than others, but i don't remember when or if i seemed to follow a pattern.
with this pregnancy, i was much more sick and must have lost a bit in the begining- monday's appointment was the first time i had gained. i was up 5lb. and feeling really good about it b/c my belly is quite a lot bigger than with my other two and i wondered how much was coming out of my own nutrition or if the baby was getting enough. (not worried, but thinking, you know?)

and last week i was sooo hungry all day everyday! i knew that all of the eating must be for something. though all of the energy i put into cooking probably cost me some- why can't i crave simple things?? lol

i eat when i am hungry and what i am hungry for (luckily i don't want only cake all day) and figure that my body kind of knows "today is protein day" or "we are making fatty brain cells today- i think you better have some nuts and put in a call for french fries." i don't feel like eating much fruit though, so i have to make a little effort for that.

on a side note- a friend once told me she read that you store fat for nursing in your thighs. thinking of that can sometimes make a glance in the mirror a better experience.
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