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Short birthstory update... Baby Braaten is home!

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They seem to be wrapping around my lower back and squeezing my lower stomach, hips and pelvis. The are quite uncomfortable and come and go much like the BH from Sunday, but instead of wrapping under my ribs and pulling down like a wash clothe they are wrapping around my hips and folding down toward my buttocks... Has anyone else felt this? It has been happening for about 5 hours.
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Some of my BH feel that way.
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That is how early labor feels for me...wish I were having those sensations right now. Good luck.
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thank you for the luck! If it is not early labor, then hopefully we are at least making some cervical changes. It is so uncomfortable feeling! I wish I had a birth ball, the only thing that makes them tolerable is to sit at the edge of my couch with just my tailbone and cheeks touching, with my knees almost touching the ground and my weight on my feet.
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Yep, when I get that type of BH I can totally feel myself opening up down there, and tmi but it feels like my vagina is bulging outward too when they happen.
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That's how my labor started with DD...

I've had those for weeks this time though... Sigh!

Hope it's something great for you!!!
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it doesn't feel great. Tried to get some sleep, but have been waking up almost on the hour, every hour. Took a shower around four, but that only helped while I was in the shower. Even now it is squeezing, but there is no consistancy and I have no idea if they are contractions so I'm going to lay here and try to time them... so very tired though!
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Ooooh, maybe you'll have a baby!!!
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Sounds promising! Really do try to sleep, exhaustion is the worst enemy in labor & delivery (as I found out from experience). I'd say have a glass of wine but it'sa bit early
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yeah i have to agree. sounds like early labor contractions to me! if not i hope it's doing something for you!!!!!
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I agree with Sattygirl. My early labor with DD started like that but I've been having those off and one for weeks and no baby. Sounds promising for you though!

Maybe someone can run to Target and get you an exercise/birth ball so you'll feel more comfortable.
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Closest Target is 110 miles away! lol. Contractions are still oddly spaced, but getting stronger and I am positive that they are contractions. I am spotting now, so there is definitely something going on. My poor baby is not enjoying it any more than I am. Thank you all so much for your support! We are getting ready to go to DPs nephews football game, so I'll be able to get some walking in.
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I knew it! Keep us posted! Still could be a long way, but you are in early labor!!!!
ELVs mama
I will be thinking about you today!
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woo spotting?! definitely early labor!! wooo hoo!!! keep us posted!
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I hope this is it for you!! ELV's headed your way.
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Exciting exciting! Thinking of you today!
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Bummer about the Target. It would be hard for me to live that far away from one. I'm into instant gratification!

I agree, it sounds like you're in early labor! How exciting!
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Sending ELVs your way BBM! Good Luck today! (I am totally jealous!)
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Wow! So exciting! Can't wait to hear the birth story.
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