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Fall skirts?

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I'd love to get a fall skirt of two. I've been *living* in skirts this whole time and I don't want to move into pants. Any recs? I'd love something sort of heavy-ish, corduroy or a heavy cotton - nothing jersey-like. Oh, and I really LOVE the below the belly waistband - but not too tight.
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My mom found a bunch of just stretchy drawstring skirts at goodwill. I will be hanging out in those most of the time.
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I have barely any clothes that fit minus several old pairs of yoga pants and tees. I am feeling frumpy and need at least a couple of decent outfits. I am making some of these.


I am just unsure of what fabrics to get though. Need to go shopping..I have one lighter weight one in the works but need something heavier for the next couple of months. Any suggestions on fabrics would be appreciated!

If you sew it it a good option. If you are a beginner sewer this pattern is a good one! If not you could still find wrap skirts somewhere I am sure. Try Gypsy Rose or Soul Flower or one of those types of "heady" stores.

I also got in on an Enwrapture skirt co-op via another board and hoping it stays warm enough to wear them a bit this fall as I ordered 3! If not they will be good for spring and I will have something "new" to wear then when I am nursing.
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I have like 10 enwrapture wrap skirts. A few of them are really 'fall' colors so I'll probably wear those. I know old navy has some comfy skirts, they aren't maternity but fit quite well over a belly.
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I want fall skirts too! Skirts have been way more comfortable than pants. Even though they both fall down the skirts don't restrict my movement when they do.

I need new maternity stuff for fall anyway. My winter maternity clothing from my son is all for when I was barely showing and the stuff that fit when I was huge is all for the hot summer.
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It's a rainy day & DP isn't going to work (boy do we need the rain!) so I'm going to suggest we go to the mall.
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