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This thread has been removed. Congratulations to the OP on the birth of her child!


Although we do allow discussions about religious circumcision in the Spirituality forum, all posts must abide by the MDC User Agreement and the special "Spirituality specific" forum guidelines.


The Spirituality board is a forum of support, respectful requests of information and sharing of faith and practice. To uphold this purpose the board will not host discussions of debate or criticism. Disagreements about spiritual issues should be set aside out of respect for the diversity and varying interpretations and beliefs that we hold as a community.
While we will not restrict discussions to persons of the faith being discussed, we will be active in discouraging an individual from posting for the purpose of disagreement, with no interest in practicing the faith or belief in discussion, or to prove a faith or a belief to be wrong, misguided, or not based on fact. Proselytizing, to convert to a faith or from one, will not be permitted. Controversial subjects of discussion related to spiritual and religious beliefs and origins can be found elsewhere on the internet and we invite you to seek out other sites for that purpose.

It is our wish that Spirituality be a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Please help us achieve this by doing your part and adhering to our guidelines. And as always, please make sure your posting is in accordance with the MDC User Agreement. Please contact a forum moderator with any questions. Thank you so much for your participation and cooperation
We understand that these guidelines can be difficult to abide by when the subject is of personal, and passionate, concern. Passing by threads with titles that you know will be triggering, or using the "ignore" feature are options if you know you cannot post within the UA guidelines.