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Help me with my next size of prefolds! (GMD)

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Ok, so before DD was born I went ahead and got 2dz newborn (orange edge) prefolds as well as 2 dz small (yellow edge). I was on the fence about it and really thought about going straight to yellow (DS, my first, was a big baby at birth). Turned out to be a very good decision since DD came a month early and was 5lbs 10oz!

Here's my dilemma now - she has caught up and then some, she is 14.5 lbs/24 inches at 3.5 months. The yellow edge are working ok but she is about to grow out of the small Thirsties covers and I think I should get a larger size of prefold soon. She will most likely continue to get super chubby like her brother did...could I skip the red edge and go to brown? I have Thirsties duo covers (size 2).

Or would it be better to save a few bucks and get an Indian or Chinese prefold in a larger size? I only have experience with GMDs, but I really love them!

Thanks for any advice!
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I love my GMD prefolds I would just go straight to the brown edged... my younger son has been in brown edged since he outgrew the yellow.
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Thanks! I probably will do just that. I guess I would only be saving about $2-4 with most other prefolds around that size too, and I think it's worth that much to stick with what I know.

This is my first CD baby and I'm loving it! It definitely helps that she has spaced out her poops. We'll see how I feel when she eventually starts solids.
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We went from yellow to brown too.
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I am wondering this, too. Ds is 10.5 lbs at 6wks old and has outgrown the nb pfs. We have been using Little Lions flats (27x27 shrunk) "padfolded" like how you'd tri-fold a pf----in OS Flip cover.

We have decided that we need more flats coz we LOVE them, but I'd like to order some prefolds, too.

Will we be able to use the brown edge the same way we use the flats (trifolded in the cover)? On an 11-12lb baby? Or will we really have to wait til he is 20lbs (that's what gmd says)?

Hmmm, what do you think, ladies? Should I skip yellow and go to red or skip both and get brown? I think he would be fitting the yellows okay right now, but I don't want to order them if he could fit in the browns . . .
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i found the yellow gmd to last a long time. much longer than expected. my dd was born at 38w so i did use some orange (1dz) with my 2dz yellows, bought more for as back up. dd is now 8m and still fits great in the yellows! i haven't a clue what i will use next, but won't worry till she outgrows they yellow.

you need to be sure to check measurements as some "larger" non-gmd prefold are longer but not wider. and it's usually the width you need.
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We went from the old Greens (I think they are Yellow now) to the red edge, DS is about to grow out of them at 27ish lbs at 16m.
I would go to the browns too, folding some down doesn't hurt anything!
I have also thought about getting flats birth to potty training has allures!
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