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Anyone not been to a midwife or Dr. yet?

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I'm 10 wks and i'm not sure what I'm going to do about prenatal care. I did pretty much unassisted for my last pregnancy. I did see a midwife the last 2 months of my pregnancy. This time, i'm unsure what i want to do. We dont have insurance and I'm thinking about medicaid but I dont want to deal with all the paper work to get it.
This is my 5th baby, a part of me wants to get prenatal care for peace of mind and to do something for me. But then I dont want to deal with all the so called interventions that prenatal cares comes with.
Just wondering who else hasnt had any prenatal care and what your thoughts are.
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I haven't yet but do plan to. I called the MW I have chosen to let her know I am pregnant and will have a visit with her sometime after the 12th week. I think that's pretty standard for Homebirth MW.

Re: Medicaid, if you are going to get it, I recommend at least calling your local homebirth MW to see if they take it. I know that there is one in my area that (so long as your choose the correct Medicaid provider) is covered 100% by Medicaid.

We actually have insurance but through a HMO and I'm not willing to go that route. Plus, the co-pay would be about what it costs to pay the MW I like out of pocket. So frustrating that that's how it works.

Good luck whatever you decide.

BTW, I was checking out your siggie earlier and think your child spacing is so interesting! Seems like you were on the 5 year plan there for a while.
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I'm 5 and a half weeks (had both my kids before their EDD so lurking here) and have no intention of getting any prenatal care. I'll only go in if I suspect something is very wrong.

I prefer UP and UC. I don't like people messing with me. Just because someone calls themselves doctor or midwife even (not all midwives are this way) they have the tendency to think what they think and want is more important than what we want. I don't like vag. exams or the chance they will do stuff to me or baby that I'm not fine with either during prenatal care or delivery. I have had 2 horrible hospital births. I UP'ed (mostly) with my second and had a crappy OB for prenatal care with my first. Never explained anything to me and acted like I was an idiot who didn't have a clue and she would just do what she wanted with me; which she did pretty much. I didn't know there were options back then though. Although, I remember having a desire to just have my baby at home when I was looking at the emergency childbirth info online. Too bad I didn't know it was an option on purpose!

So, there are my thoughts.
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Yes I thought 5 years was a great spacing idea. But now that I look back...it's been interesting. I wouldnt have it any other way...but i do think it's harder with sibling rivalry bc they are so far apart in age. I am kind of nervous to have a 2 1/2 yo and a baby. I couldnt handle having any babies closer than that.
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Oh! Me! Me! I haven't seen a doctor or midwife yet. I didn't see the midwife who delivered dd until I was 13 weeks or so. This time, I'm mainly waiting until I can get a sizable down payment for a midwife. Who knows when that will be though. I'm willing to wait until about 20 weeks this time. But I'd like to have some time getting to know the woman delivering my baby
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I haven't seen mine yet. But, I do know who I'm using. Like IdentityCrisisMama I called my midwife to let her know I was pregnant so that my slot didn't get filled, lol. She books up fast. But, she doesn't usually see you for the first time until you are 8-12 weeks. I chose to go around 11 weeks. I can't wait! Like you said, I sort of do this for me because it's such a wonderful experience.
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I haven't seen a MW yet... I just moved from Honolulu to Olympia. I've contaced a few midwives, but I don't have insurance yet. I'm going to have to use medicaid for this baby, but WA is very good about covering homebirth midwives with medicaid. I really don't mind prenatal testing and one u/s... my hubby is pretty mainstream anyway so it gives him some peace of mind I guess.
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I haven't seen my MW yet--I'm 9 weeks. Not sure when I will yet either LOL.
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I haven't seen my midwife yet--but I am going to on Thursday! (will be almost 11 weeks then) We don't have insurance either and I don't think I qualify for any sort of aid program for insurance. We've paid out of pocket the other 2 times we used this midwife and she's very accommodating and understanding.
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Originally Posted by Mamato3wild ponnie View Post
Yes I thought 5 years was a great spacing idea.
I just think it's so interesting that you have so many spaced that way!!

My two will be spaced 9 years...maybe I'll have a third in another 9 years. ;-)
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I'm 10wks and haven't seen anyone yet.

Mostly just waiting on the medicaid to go through.
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My MW typically does not see people until 10-12 weeks. I am 9 weeks today and our first appointment is in a couple weeks...I will be 11+3.
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I have my first MW appointment set -up for a week from this Wednesday. I will be 13 weeks. I had thought about doing unassisted prenatal care this time, but decided to go ahead and see the midwife anyway. Personally, I wouldn't want to do UC, and I wouldn't have gotten a price break for not having her do the prenatal care, plus I wanted to be sure I had a spot for her to attend the birth. I would not define the way I would do UP as not doing anything, though. I would probably buy the urine dipsticks, and have my DH take a blood pressure occasionally. I would test my blood sugars if I started feeling odd at all, and if anything of these tests showed something, I would act accordingly (watching my carbs and blood sugars if I got a few high readings, and things like that.) My midwife is pretty hands off, anyway. I did have a "meet and greet," with her last week, because I wanted DH to meet her before we decided to sure to go with her, and she seemed very supportive of the way I want to do things.

I really think that the only reason to get in early on in pregnancy is if you have questions, and I really haven't had any.
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my midwife has been out of town, so i'll see her soon now that she's back. i'd apply for medicaid, just in case. you know, God forbid...

personally, i would never do unassisted, especially after my first. don't want to be the jerk telling scary stories, but my son was great until the last 60 seconds, when he grabbed on the cord on his way out (guess he really didn't want to leave!). was very glad my midwife was there and my sister (high risk l&d nurse, now studying to be a midwife).

my midwife gave an interview on this right after ds was born, hit a nerve with her. liked her response (paraphrased) "i'll stay in the other room if you want. i'd rather be there and not be needed than the other way around"

maybe find a midwife willing to stay in the next room? i think it's all about finding the right one to respect your wishes, anyway.
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I am going to see my midwife the first time this week at about 12 weeks. She was with me for dd and is very hands off for prenatals and birthdays (which is a must for me....I have encountered some MWs that did not seem to practice like MWs). I don't have to do weigh ins, GD test, U/S ect.. and the appointments are enjoyable. I love having a MW at my births in case their is an issue and the after care, but I totally understand why some women feel better with a UC.

Financially, you can ask if you have any services the MW might need. My dh is an electrical contractor and they need some work so we get to trade again for part of the bill. My friend just traded with them for cabinet work.
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I haven't seen anyone yet either. my first appointment is scheduled on the 30th, and I'll be 11w4d then. I'm feeling much more laid back this time, i'm in no rush to be poked and prodded at the OB's. I had wanted to see a HBMW, but it doesn't look like it's going to work out before we move.
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I only just Friday, at 14 weeks, finally interviewed a midwife. I have an appointment with her this coming Friday, at 15 weeks.
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My first is in a week, at 11 weeks. I didn't really want to go in earlier since there would be less chance of hearing the heartbeat. I AM eager to go in though and know that everything is going well.
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I havent been yet...I am 10 weeks today. I'm in no rush to go this time. I figure this is my 3rd go around...I know what to expext and whats going on. I dont want to go in to the dr and him poke and prod for no reason right now...really, theres NO reason for an internal and I'm not worried about hearing the heartbeat right now...I FEEL pg, and theres nothing they can do if something were to go wrong now. So I dont feel the urge to go...at all really lol. Plus the Dr that I think I'm going to use is a male and EARLY in my last pg with ds I had a really bad experience with a male dr...he basically raped me with the internal sono everytime I went in. Really? DO you need to do that EVERY time I come in in my 1st tri??!?!?!! I still have pent up anger about it. So I'm a little nervous to go to him, but he is the nest choice for me, for what I want. We have restricitive insurance(kind of)...and I cant deliver at the hospital that I want...its out of network if we dont deliver at an HCA facility(my DH works for a hospital.) SUCKS. BAD. I MIGHT check to see how much it would be out of pocket for us to deliver at the hospital that I want to...hmmm, thats a thought!
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Mama to 3- I know the medicaid paperwork is a pain but heaven forbid something happens and you and/or babe end up needing emergency hospital care the last thing you are going to need is a whopping bill! Even if you don't use the medicaid (my homebirth midwife doesn't accept it) it's still there as financial protection.

I probably won't start seeing my mw until about 14 weeks since that is when you can really start to hear the heartbeat.
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