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Product name: BabyinMindCreations

Brief description of product: Mix between a Mei Tai & an Ergo. Straps like a Mei Tai with added foam padding

Store/Site of purchase:

Price: $58.00

How long have you used this product? 4 days

Fit/Sizing: One Size

Performance: Excellent

Quality: Great, not excellent only because it doesn't have as much extra stitching I'd have thought but more stitching might deteriorate the product. I'm interested to see how it holds up; I may change this to excellent.

Customer Service/Communication: Excellent

Would you purchase this product again? Yes

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM or company about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof.
Yes. I couldn't get it to work on my back. She has a money-back guarantee so I convo'd her thinking I'd have to send it back. She linked me to a YouTube video that helped me figure out the problem I was having and resolve it.

Additional Comments: The fabric is beautiful. The product well-made and comes with a matching bag with tie to carry it in. Even though I've only worn him 4 times in it, he fell asleep in a back carry the first 2 times so for me that equals success! Plus, it's pulling my shoulders back, kind of adjusting the pulling forward from the front carriers I've been using.

I give it (How many up out of five?):