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Strong but irregular contractions

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Since I was 37 weeks i have been getting painless BH and irregular menstral type cramps, back to back, the ones that linger like an aweful period. I felt that was pre labor but it happens so often I"m used to it now and pay no attention, I'm totally over getting my hopes up...until last night...

it was about 6 pm I thought I was having regular contractions, the real sort, the were regular for a little while, like every 20 minutes, then every 10, then nothing... I ate pizza very late and lay on the couch and they returned, so I thought I may as well go to sleep because if I fall asleep I know its obviously not labor... I did go to sleep but woke at 3 am with real intense contractions exactly 10 minutes apart, I got up to time them for an hour, they still were 10 mins apart but were less intense so I went back to bed, I woke up for what felt like 2 or 3 times every hour with an intense contraction, but they felt so far apart so that I stubbornly wanted to go to sleep instead of making a fuss about it.

The thing is, that the contractions were real and strong, but I couldn't make sense of how regular they were, should I have called in and have gotten checked? this morning I woke up at 9am after falling back asleep around 6am with no more contractions. Now its lunchtime and I don't even feel pregnant, except for this wiggle worm who dropped into my pelvis last night.

Is it normal for them to really hurt and then stop? Is it real pre labor? I hope so.... I've never had this before, it's confusing, irritating, exciting and then a huge let down when they stop.
My appt is Tuesday but I am wondering if I should get checked before then.

I've had mucus show but not bloody show. I really thought I was in labor last night, I really did.
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it's completely normal to have painful contractions that stop.. sounds like real "pre labor" to me! haha not that that helps really- because "pre-labor" contractions don't mean labor is going to happen in the next 24 hours or anything like that.. i thought i was in labor 3-4 weeks ago when i had a similar experience... obviously.. i'm still pregnant. so i hope you dont have to wait that long but i'm glad your body is gearing up for the main event!!
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DDCC... It definitely sounds like real ctx that are getting you ready for the big day. There's no need to go in or be checked. You're not in *active* labor yet, and you definitely don't want to get put on a clock by being in a hospital just yet.

If you can, go see a chiropractor (you can find one at http://www.icpa4kids.com/ who specializes in prenatal care). Oftentimes, irregular contraction patterns are an attempt to get baby into a good position. Making sure baby is well-positioned and your pelvis is in great shape will definitely help.

I've had my share of long labors (all of them!) and know what an emotional roller coaster it is. Definitely work on positioning and DO keep resting between them like you did - that's exactly the right thing! Then you will ensure that you're well-rested when they get more frequent and don't stop. The very worst thing to do is to try to "force" them to be more substantial or more frequent because you'll wear yourself out.

Keep up the good work!
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Cool advice ~ yes resting is what I intuitively feel to do in between, I don't feel like trying "natural induction" or anything- it seems it would be rather emotionally draining for no reason.

That's interesting about the positioning thing, because she does change positions a fair bit and I know she is not engaged... I have a fitball that I hardly use, so I might include using it from now on.

Yes it emotional roller coaster... I'm just trying to kind of ignore the warming up contractions and focus on other parts of my life- the worst thing is being obsessed with every twinge and pregnancy issues... lol

The last few months have flown by, i'm sure the last few weeks will be a breeze looking back and all. *chilling out over here*

Thanks Ladies
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