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I can't seem to view the ad either.

I would hope this would be part of a larger campaign. even though this ad focuses on weight loss, there may be others that illustrate other benefits?

ANYTHING is better than nothing. Many of the women these ads are targeting NEVER are exposed to any type of breastfeeding. In the backs of their minds, they think it's something SAH white ladies married to DRs do. Like playing tennis. Sure you can play tennis in Appalachia Ohio, but do people do it? Not really.

I am pretty sure my area is who this ad is for. I have seen quite a few billboards in my neighborhood about breastfeeding showing regular women and babies (of all races and body types) with "I breastfeed, you can too" or something like that. I was thrilled to see them.

Indie- how did you become a peer counselor? I would love to have that opportunity
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Originally Posted by kriket View Post

Indie- how did you become a peer counselor? I would love to have that opportunity
A friend posted about the opportunity on Facebook. Our county's WIC program added a peer counselor position when they got some breastfeeding grant money from the federal govt. They already had two peer counselors who have been with them for a long time (8 years and 16 years) who work at other clinics.

I'd say the best way to find out about opportunities in your area would be to call your local WIC office and ask to speak to the breastfeeding coordinator or the clinic supervisor. Then just ask. Our county may be hiring another person eventually and I keep a file of WIC participants who might be potential candidates.
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Originally Posted by indie View Post

Its also worth noting that for the WIC population (and something like 1/2 of all babies born in the U.S. are serviced by WIC) the cost of formula is much less of a factor than for other people. WIC gives it out for free. I do tell moms that if they fully formula feed while on WIC they can still expect to spend as much as $600 on formula beyond what WIC provides.
I think this is a great point that should be restated. I DO believe that the financial aspects should be touted. My sil is an LC in a hospital and for women who choose formula, each bottle is dispensed like medication and there are no free samples and no "one" for the road.

She also has a chart to show them how much more food WIC will provide for nursing moms and that the formula provided will only be 1/2 a months supply.
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[QUOTE=crystal_buffaloe;158355 thought about making one that parodies some of those get-rich-quick schemes? "How would you like to save $2,000 dollars??!!" "I did, by breastfeeding my baby!" [/QUOTE]

yes Wic supplies the formula. This reminds me of a funny comment i heard from another bf mommy: "I make too much money to afford formula" what a paradox, huh? maybe a get rich campaign would be better if aimed at a middle/upper middle class
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Originally Posted by Hannah32 View Post
Breastfeeding helps with weight loss! Ha ha ha! Yeah, I used to think so too. Myth myth myth......

so basically, I don't feel they should lie to women.
well, not sure what I think of this since breastfeeding definitely helped me with weight loss, and I'm presently nursing baby #3. In fact, breastfeeding has often helped me lose more weight than I wanted to. And with each pregnancy I added 35 lbs (only to be down 35+ lbs after 12-19 months of nursing, despite eating a lot!).
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Sure, forget about all the crap that's in formula, it's weight loss that matters.. *sigh*

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I think it's pretty brilliant, really. I mean, the demographic that is most likely to breastfeed currently is professional, educated women, many of whom have postponed motherhood into their 30s. They will do what's "best," even if it means a personal sacrifice. 


Now, for less privileged women, a sacrifice my sound like too much, and they are less likely to have a martyrdom complex. So instead of portraying it as "Breast is best" and implying it's this great sacrifice but you do it because you want only the best, they are portraying it not as a sacrifice at all, but a good thing for everyone involved. I love it. Great marketing.

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The wight loss ones are, imo, funny and not convincing. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think its a strongly compelling reason to bf. The whip em out one was great though. LOL. Although again, I don't think tons of people care about saving the us gov't money. I know its ultimatels teh tax payers who "save", but its not an esay sell as a concept.


Not that I ahve any better suggestions. ANd at least they are making an effort I guess.

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Thinking about it a bit more, I think part of the reason "Breast is best" only works in certain demographics is that it implies there must be a sacrifice. You do it because it's best for baby, so therefore it can't be easier/more convenient/cheaper/more rewarding, etc. It's just "best," so we do it anyhow. So the key feature of this ad is that it's better for Mom too. 

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I think it's a funny ad, clearly a Jenny Craig parody. Sometimes humour speaks louder than clubbing people over the head with a serious PSA. It's just *one part* of an educational campaign, and I, personally, wouldn't perceive it as a guarantee to lose weight, any more than I would the original JC ads. But they're not lying, it does burn calories. I know I'm in the minority here, but I like the ad. I think it's clever. 

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