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So this is the response I got from Admin:


We can create a Group for high needs/spirited babies. Send me the name
you'd like to give the group and the usernames of two people who are
willing to serve as leaders for the group and I'll get it set up.

All the best



Any ideas for names - would anyone like to serve as a leader??

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What does being a leader entail? I might be up for it
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Meee!! I have a 5 mo old son and I REALLY want to be in this!!! I would love a group that understands and knows! Lol. 


Please let me know when I can be involved!

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Okay, I'll ask Admin. what being a leader entails - we still have to think of a name, how about "The Spirited Child" or "Parenting the Spirited Baby (high-needs, colic)" - I was thinking it might be good to include colic in this category, my little one was very colicky in the early days and there is no place on MDC dedicated to this (I think)

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I'm in! Subbing so I don't miss group info. Our 2mo has reflux, has started teething, and is the pickiest baby I've ever come across. And I think she's got some of my sensory processing issues. Poor girl. 

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I like "the spirited child" (high needs, colic). I think the term high needs is good to have in there somewhere because of Dr. Sears' popularity.

Also regarding the colic. My LO had sever colic too, but I would think that would fall under the health category, no? My dd's colic was due to a food sensitivity, and I know some babies have colic caused by reflux issues. I'm just mentioning this because high needs to me is more of a temperament category than health. But I'm not opposed to having colic thrown in there though. I know food sensitivities and high needs can go hand in hand. And Dealing with a colicky baby is definitely emotionally trying.
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We couldn't find a medical reason for my daughter's colic, looking back it might stem from the fact that she was over tired, she would only nap for longer than 10 minutes if she was in her carrier and I was walking, and sometimes that didn't even work.

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I don't have a problem with putting colic in there smile.gif
Any updates?
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Hi ladies, sorry - I have been very busy and forgot to post Admin's email, this is what being a leader entails, let me know if you are interested:


Basically it entails making sure discussions do not violate our forum
rules. Leaders must resolve any issues directly by asking members to
observe the rules and have them edit to remove anything of violation.
A leader is also responsible for removing members who are disruptive
to a group. If you choose to have the group set to Closed you would be
responsible for approving members as they request to join. You likely
do not need to check the group daily since you will have two leaders.
You work out the responsibilities between you as you decide best.
That's the gist of a leader's role. You can share that information
with the other potential leaders and let me know who will be the
second leader.











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I'll be the other leader unless someone else would like to be
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