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Poop frequency (ie: constipation from starting solids?)

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I have started my 6 month old on some solids- since about 2 wks ago. He mostly only still has breast milk. but he has had some fruits (pureed), some squash, and a little bit of thin pureed oats. since starting this stuff he has had a lot less frequent poops. One time he went for 4 days with no poops! that night I said- if he doesn't poop tonight I am calling the doctor for advice tomorrow- but he pooped twice that night.
then he pooped two days in a row, and now he has not pooped yesterday or today. I feed him the solids only in small amounts, and not every day. He doesn't seem uncomfortable and none of his other things have changed. But I worry that he needs to poop! I try to give him water also- both in a spoon and in a bottle, and he takes a little. But he still primarily is nursing.
Is there anything to do for this, is this okay, and is it just the body's way of adjusting to solids?
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In my experience (i.e mother of a 1 year old and Google Queen) this is fairly normal. If anything, I'd hold off on the oats. Or maybe look into using the Happy Baby organic oatmeal cereal. We had a similar poop sitation. I didn't consider it a problem unless she seemed unhappy/uncomfortable AND had not pooped in awhile. This happened twice and I think it was a banana issue. She was sleeping through the night and then woke up for seemingly no reason one night crying...we'd hold her and she was fine. Then put her down and she'd cry again. It turned out that she was trying to poop!

If it doesn's seem to bother the baby in this manner, though, I wouldn't worry about it. Breastfed babies often go days without pooping! Perfectly normal!
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Good to know it can be normal. Thanks. Yeah, I know the oats would be more binding than the fruit- I only gave him oats twice and they were cooked with lots and lots of water so it was really thin.
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Our pediatrician says anywhere from 7 times a day to every 7 days is within normal for little ones until they're a year old. Crazy... I suspect that they're pretty uncomfortable at day seven!
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