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hints for healing perineum tear

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Hey all,

My wife and I home birthed our baby boy Santiago 6 days ago. We're in love with Santi, but Wendy is suffering from a perineum tear.

The midwife had to put in two stitches. Wendy says it has gotten slightly better in the last couple of days, but for now too much sitting or standing hurts. A lot.

Any hints for healing faster?

A friend brought us a donut cushion for her to sit in and that helps briefly. But there is still a lot of pain.

The midwife said it would take 2 weeks for the pain to subside and 6 weeks to heal.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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She should not be standing all that much--and should not be sitting much either, not even on a doughnut. Using the doughnut does take direct pressure off the tear, but you still have the pressure of gravity bearing down upon the tear. Better to lay down, or only use a recliner for now. It sounds like a small tear, so it should not take too much time to heal if she can avoid sitting straight up, and also avoid being on her feet much for another few days at least. If she could lay around a lot, and put ice on her perineum for 20min at a time, 3-4 times a day, that will help reduce swelling and hasten healing. She should also rinse off her perineum with water, every time she uses the bathroom--use some kind of squeeze bottle and use it to rinse. At night, to get plenty of air to the tear, she can leave off her pad, and just sleep on a chux pad or towel.

It takes as long as it takes to heal--she can help that go faster by using ice, etc--but you can't push it or you will just make it take longer. She should avoid doing anything that makes it hurt more!
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Use of a sitz bath can help with the pain, as do witch hazel compresses (Tucks makes a brand-name one). Keep the pressure off it as much as possible, and keep the area clean by using a peri bottle to rinse the area after every bathroom use.

Hope she feels better soon.
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My first 2 births both ended in 4th degree tears that healed extremely well. I don't recommend either ice (can slow healing) or doughnut pillows (can put pressure on the stitches) . What works best is sitz baths 3 x a day in the tub, never one of those toilet sitz baths but in the tub with enough water to sit in, 3 x a day, abut 15 min each. The water helps the tissues heal like nothing else, mucous membranes like to be wet! Stay hydrated, eat a lot of healthy food, lots of E & omega 3s. Good luck & congratulations on little Santiago!!!!
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