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Moms of 2 or more-- did it take the same amt of time for your period to come back after birth?

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I'm 6 months pregnant with my 2nd, and am wondering what to expect as far as a postpartum period. With my first, I got my period back at 3 months even though we were still breastfeeding exclusively. Should I expect the same this second time? Did it take about the same amount of time for your period to return after your births, or did it vary?
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Mine came back later every time: 4 mths, 13 mths, 17 mths, 21 mths. They all nursed a ton and we didn't introduce solids regularly until around 9 mths old.
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Same as pp, took longer each time. I tandem nurse so that might be a difference if you aren't, but it was something like 5 or 6 months with the oldest and was 15 months with the last one.
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DS1: It came back at 11 months. (I weaned at 10 months, to ttc. )
DD1: It came back at 4 months, while I was still exclusively breastfeeding.
DS2: It came back at...think it was 14 months, maybe 15?
DD2: She's 14.5 months...nothing yet.
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5 months and 11 months

ds1 was a hard induction labor with lots of meds and he was born sleepy. he was (regretably) circed at 2 days and went into a bit of shock, so the sleepiness went on and on. i had to wake him to nurse for at least the 1st month if not more. i didnt start out cosleeping, it took about 6-8 wks for me to figure out that i could/should do that. i didnt get a sling until about 3mos. although we never used bottles, ds had a wicked double ear infection at 6wks and i pumped and spoon fed for the bulk of his feedings for a day or two. and his 1st bite of solids was 4 mos, bc i gave in to his dad who wanted to feed him, but after that first few spoonfuls of cereal, we held off til 6 or 7 mos.

ds2 had a spontaneous labor and no pain meds. he was born wide awake and nursed great from the get-go. we coslept from his first night. he went into the sling at about 3 days old. i tried one bottle at about 4 mos right after a huge nursing just to see what he would do, but other than that i never pumped. i held off on solids for much longer than with ds1.
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6 weeks, 6 months, 8 months, 10 1/2 months

All four were nursed exclusively until about 7 months when we started introducing solids; they co-slept too.
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dd1-14 months, I think
ds-6 months
dd2-9 months

All were EBF, on demand. We co-sleep. And, no solids until 12 months.
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Mine took 10-12 mos. each time (4 babies). Even when I was tandem nursing all night long, it still took about the same time. I don't know that there is any way you can predict it, though.
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Mine came back at 3 months the first time and 7 weeks the second time! Both times nursing on demand. I wish you better "luck".
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I got back around 13 months both times so far.
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All mine were breastfed. #1 it came back at 6 months while still nursing, #2 after weaning at 1yr, #3 after weaning around 13.5 months.
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Later each time...

dd1 around 6mo (she was still nursing round the clock)
dd2 around 9mo (while tandem nursing)
ds it hasn't returned yet and he is 12.5mo
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First 18 months..C-section, pacifier some times, supplemented with formula in bottles the first two months, relactaction after that, nursing on demand. DD give up the pacifier after 5 months. DD was a spirited baby, nursed all the time.
Second 16 months, unmedicated VBAC, no paci, no bottle, nursing on demand. Way less demanding baby.
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Mine came back earlier each time, a year earlier.

2.5y, 18m, and then 8 months.
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It was nearly the same for both of mine. 16 and 17 months, respectively.
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8 months, 14 months, and I can't remember for the third (definitely longer than 8 months though)
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dd1 was 16 months, dd2 20 months, and ds is 14 months and nothing yet!
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With my first, I was put back on the pill at my 6w pp visit, and got my "period" that month. I was o'ing by 8m pp though, because that's when I got pg again.
kid 2 was a super velcro baby. I didn't get my period back til 14m, with a sterile first cycle.
kid 3 i got my period back at 8m with two sterile cycles.
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Mine were really close-- 20 months the first time and 18 months the second.
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I breastfed exclusively and on demand and coslept with both, the first time it came back after about 3.5 months, the second 4 weeks to the day. I was so pissed about that one! When I went in for my 6 week checkup and they asked for the FDLP, I told them and they said, "So you are formula feeding, then?" Gah, no, just REALLY unlucky!
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