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I'm in labor!

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Contractions about 3 min apart for 2.5 hours now. Pink/bloody show. Loose BMs all night. Lower backache that radiated to my legs all night. Contrax are super intense when I am standing or walking (puttering around the house). Got the 2 big kids off to school and everyone on standby. I can't believe it's time.... the first thing I said when I had the first BIG contraction this morning (at about 4:50) was "I changed my mind. I don't want to do this lol." Labor amnesia is a wonderful thing.

I'm trying to eat but I feel nauseous when I have a contraction, so it's not working out too well. So far just blowing through them every time they come (when I'm standing as often as 2 min apart).

I'm going to lay down and try to rest.
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Yay!!!! You'll be holding your baby in no time!!!
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Congrats and best of luck for a quick and easy labor! I'm with ya on the labor amnesia, I also said "Why did I want to do this again?" a few contractions into my labor. Too late to change your mind! It will be so worth it once that sweet boy is in your arms!
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Sending you lots of love and ELVs, birthjunkie!

You go, girl! You can do it! Yay!
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Good for you!
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Good luck! ELVs
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Hurray! Can't wait to hear about the babe!
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Sending to you! Can't wait to hear the great news!
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Lucky you going early! Good luck!
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