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book recommendations?

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In the past few days I've been feeling a lot of anxiety about the birth process. DD was born at 35 weeks via emergency c-section so I've never been through labor and delivery. I am planning a VBAC - while I wish I could say that I'm looking forward to the experience, at this point I am feeling really scared of the unknown. So I would love to get some recommendations for books to help me think more positively about the birth process.

Thank you!

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You should definitely check out "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May Gaskin. It has some of the best birth stories I've ever read- all very positive and reassuring.
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birthing from within!

and definitely agree with ein
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Ina May Gaskin - a guide to childbirth

Definitely - Birthing From Within

Hypnobirthing is good too.
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Also, have you watched the Business of Being Born or Orgasmic Birth? They're great.
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also check out ICAN's website

they have a booklist here

one of my favorite books is Magical beginnings, Enchanted Lives - A holistic guide to pregnancy and childbirth by Deepak Chopra.... it was the very first book that I picked up when I was pregnant with number 1 and it started me on my journey... very positive and spiritual and will help you restore your confidence in the process.

I'll add more later as I think of books that I loved.... my very best friend just had a HBAC - see her video here
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I also second watching the business of being born, they show a bunch of natural childbirth labors where the women are 'relatively' relaxed and calm, it's actually pretty cool. You can watch it on instant download from Netflix, if youg et that.
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Thanks for these recommendations - I've gotten some of the books from the library and we watched The Business of Being Born last night. It was definitely helpful to see those labors! Made me wish I could have a homebirth, but that's not an option for me for various medical reasons...I am thankful that I'm able to see midwives for most of my care, as well as an OB who is very pro-VBAC!
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How about the hypnobirthing stuff?
I am in the same boat as you, VBAC after a messy scary c-section at 35 weeks. I've found that the practice of letting go of fear to be very helpful...it's worth looking at anyway.
The business of being born is also really great.
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