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Progesterone Cream Made from Soy?

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Hi Y'all,

I have some late cycle spotting that has worried me. I've been to my OB and a fertility doc and the fertility doc said not to worry about it yet, as we have not been trying a year.

I've had it for as long as I can remember, but now that we have been TTC since Feb 10 and so far nothing, so I am wondering if it is playing a role. Anyway, I read that some people use a progesterone cream after ovulation, so I bought one at the health food store. I read the ingredients on various brands and it seemed that some did not say the source of the progesterone, some were from wild yam, and some were from soy. I bought the one from soy because t was the cheapest, but now am wondering if that may have been a mistake since you aren't supposed to use that much soy when you are pregnant, because of the hormonal effects. But...I WANT the hormonal effects in this case, no?

Anyway, I will probably use it until I have a BFP (knock on wood) and then maybe switch to a more expensive brand for the first tri. I just don't want to pay all this money if I won't even be preggo for a while. But if anyone knows any reason why the soy brand might be bad idea, it might be worth the money to switch.

Thanks for any suggestions or experience!
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i dont know. have you been able to google it and find any info? soy, when we eat it, blocks estrogen so that we make more. it's the isoflavone part of the soy that does that. i dont know if there is another component of it that has something to do with progesterone. i havent heard that, but it could be. but the other thing is, if you truly have a progesterone deficiency, it is possible that starting to take a true progesterone after a bfp will not work. that's a controversial area, and you can find lots of info on line about this, but there are many experts who feel starting progesterone after a bfp is not effective. for some reason it has to be started before implantation. i dont know if this cream matters if you take it before or not.
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Hi Skyler,

I have never heard of progesterone cream being made from soy. karmab is correct when stating that soy isoflavones have the propensity to mimic estrogen and then attatch to our estrogen recptor cites and the our bodies continue to create estrogen, but our natural estrogen has no where to go, thus has to be filtered out by our liver which plays a criticle role in hormonal balance. Consuming too much soy may cause estrogen dominance and progesterone defficiency.

It would be best to use a natural progesterone cream made from "human-identical" or "bio-identical" progesterone, an ingredient extracted from the mexican wild yam (wild yam cream is not the same), which differentiates it from synthetic progestins or progestogens. Ask a naturopathic doctor to help guide you if you are not sure when to use the cream.

It is best to use natural progesterone creams after ovulation up to menstruation, if it is used before that it may actually prevent ovulation.

You can learn more about natural progesterone creams here: http://natural-fertility-info.com/pr...ertility-guide

Hope this helps you understand progesterone more.
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Thanks for the replies! And thanks for the link, it was really helpful. According to the info in the link, the natural progesterone in the cream can come from either wild yam or soy, so I'll try the brand I bought. If my temp stays up tomorrow, FF says I will be 3dpo, so I'll starts using it and see if it makes a difference this cycle.
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