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Is there a point when too many Braxton Hicks = a bad thing??

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I woke up last night from a braxton hick that was soooo strong! I felt also like I realllly had to pee (and do remember from my last pregnancy that a full bladder often caused them.

The Braxton hick was sooo intense it was actually kind of hard to pee, but I eventually did (uterus still hard on the way back to bed). I also kept waking up now and then from them last night.

Today I've been having them all day. Almost CONSTANT. Like I have been laying down for the last hour to see if it would help (i read drink water and lie dow) and my ds has now watched two episodes of Dora and the whole time it has almost felt constant. Like my uterus is super tight and then for a few minutes gets even tighter and then lights up a little but never goes all the way back to normal...

what do you think?? Should I call? They do NOT hurt like REAL contractions in the sense of not being able to talk/doubling over etc. But they are super intenste (having an intense moment right now) and feels like someone is squeeeeezing my whole uterus suuuuuper hard.
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Personally, I don't think they are a problem. I had them like that with DD from 16 wks all the way til the end. I would love to have them like that with this pregnancy! I think they are good to get you ready. I was 3 cm by 35 weeks and ready to go by 39 wks. My pg with ds I didn't have hardly any bxc and i wasn't dilated at all at 42 wks.

That's just my opinion though. I never really looked to see if too many were bad. I did call the doctor a few times with DD because I didn't know and they never seemed concerned.
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we JUST asked our OB about this last week. he said if there are more than 6 per hour, call. his only other advice was to drink water and lie down, which it sounds like you did.

since yours have been constant, i might call. better safe than sorry

~ sarah
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Meh. I dont worry about them too much. I had this yesterday, a constant BH for about 3 hours. It starting when I was laying down. I got up and moved around, took a bath, it eased up and then started again when I was laying down. I kept switching sides, drank 40 oz of water and then they eased off. I do not like them. THey take my breath away!!!!!!!!!!! But they were gone after that and I havent had one since. IDK what caused it, I was just laying down watching a movie when it started.
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I went to the fair the other day and afterwards I felt like death warmed over. I was sooo sore. And I spent that night and the next day having more BH than I really thought possible. I drank a ton of water, and took a bath and finally settled on having half a glass of wine. Of course, I was warned that having the cerclage would make things more irritable if I was active, so I totally should have expected it.

I hope things calm down for you.
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I had lots of BH with both previous pregnancies. With DS, they started at 20 weeks, and I would get them every 4-5 minutes for hours. I always called, and they always said to drink more water (impossible), but they blew off my concerns for the most part. I delivered DS at 32 weeks...don't know if it's coincidence or not.

With DD, they started at 17 weeks. I still had a lot of them but the only time they were regular was one night when I was 32ish weeks along. A glass of wine calmed them down and a BM made them stop. She was born at 39 weeks.

Both of my labors have progressed very quickly so maybe all of those practice contractions were worth something.
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I get BH when baby changes position (as well as late in my pregnancies when my uterus is toning for labor, when I'm dehydrated, etc). Maybe you've got a combination thing going...baby can surely spin and flip around in there with so much room to play right now. Maybe your uterus is just sensitive to movement?

Another thing that comes to mind is are you getting enough calcium/magnesium, because deficiencies in those can cause muscle cramping.

Are you drinking herbal tea with RRL? Sometimes my body is more sensitive to herb infusions, and I remember with my second baby, RRL tea brought on CRAZY contractions one night.

That sounds awfully uncomfortable, whatever the cause. I hope you find some resolution soon!
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