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Doula familiar with Hypnobabies

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I am desperately trying to find a doula to assist in a Hypnobabies birth in February. I am having a VBAC at Montgomery Hospital in Norristown. Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations??
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my doula, marilyn nolt, was very helpful to me when i planned to use hypnobirtrhing w/ my 2nd. i am guessing the techniques are quite similar given the names. while i didn't use the techniques during the 2nd stage, she knew when i was concentrating, to let me.

just the other night, dh was saying he wants to have a 4th b/c marilyn makes it so pleasant . he said he doesn't recommend a doula, he rec's marilyn. she was present for our last two births, both planned at home. she does hospital births too & i believe your hospital is w/in her working area.

her website: http://www.supportedbeginnings.com/S...ings/Home.html

feel free to pm me, if needed.

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mama24-7, how much does she charge, if you dont mind me asking. im hearing NJ doulas are WAY more expensive than the doulas down south (which is where i delivered my DS 19mo ago)
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i don't know what her normal rate is - we'd worked out a deal b/c i'd helped her w/ something. i'm going to guess it's $400 or so. i think she's up for bartering if that helps.

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Small world. We used Marilyn Nolt as our doula 6.5 years ago when my oldest was born. I used Hypnobirthing with him (I used a combo of Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies with my next two kids).

I had a really easy labor and delivery at Doylestown, and Marilyn was great. I was coping well and she just kinda stayed out of the way (which is what I wanted at the time) but was great at making sure I stayed hydrated. She was helpful when the nurse I had didn't want to hook me up so I could be on all 4s on or the ball during my EFM strips, etc. She had them figure out a way that I could labor in other positions while getting the intermittent EFM strips.

In transition she was worth her weight in gold and helped my shaky legs, etc. She knew just what to do.

She also got some fantastic photos for us, which was cool (we requested this when she said it was something she could do. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea).

When we used her, I think she was relatively new to clients using hypnosis but she was great about it and very respectful and wanted to learn more about it. I'm guessing through the years she's had more moms use hypnosis.

Anyway, big thumbs up for her from me

eta: no idea what we paid. It was too long ago. She was also really kind as to help me find a hospital where I'd be more inclined to get the kind of birth I was looking for, as the hospital I was originally considering at the time was very into heplock, no eating/drinking in labor, etc.
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Thank you ladies! I have an appointment with Marilyn in a few weeks.
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You can have your doula talk to a Hypnobabies instructor - ( Tamara Srdanovic is local instructor, www.hypnobabiesnyc.com) , it can only help.

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