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It makes a great base for creamy soups-- like potato soup with cheddar, or cheddar-and-broccoli, or corn chowder.
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We purchase a pig yearly and the bacon from that gives off a TON of grease. I save in a mason jar and use it to flavor beans (if I don't have ham fat left) and to cook breakfast related foods in: eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc. I also use it to fry potatoes. YUMMMM
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I used bacon grease to brown the sides of pork loins. Removed to a plate. Then added sliced onions and apples to the pan to carmelize. Then added pork back to pan atop onions/apples, and transfer to 450 degree for 5 minutes to finishing cooking. Delish!

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Salad dressing
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I don't tend to deliberately render bacon grease, although I might not wash the frying pan after cooking bacon, and just heat it up again next time for frying potatoes.

What I do love to do is cutting the white fat off the bacon rashers before I cook them, and laying the strips over the top of a chicken before I roast it. Yummy, and prevents the top of the chicken from getting too dark. DH usually eats the cracklings afterwards.

Is it possible to buy bacon grease, pre-rendered? I love it, I'm just too lazy to render it. Would it be called bacon grease, or something else?
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I use it the way I use chicken fat... I let it help add fat to low fat things like turkey burgers that often stick to the pan because there's so little fat in the meat.
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My favorite use is to fry eggs in it. I usually fry bacon first, drain the grease, clean the cast iron skillet, then pour the grease back in with some butter.

I also love to use it with butter for fried potatoes and onions. Sometimes I also use it to add fat to lean meats like bison.
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VEGGIES! *drool*, to add to lean meats to help them cook, and for mayo making!
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I add bacon fat to coconut oil (the neutral flavor type) when I want to fry up tortilla chips and they are the best chips we've ever had!
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I know I've kept my bacon grease for at least 3 weeks in the fridge in a glass jar and it's been fine. I use it for cooking burgers in and making lard/bacon mayo!
Voila! Recipe...
1 whole egg
2 egg yolks
~1/3C lard
~1/3C bacon grease
{mix the oils together and melt so they are liquid}
mustard, s&p, squirt of lemon juice and/or ACV, garlic powder to taste
a TBSP of whey or kimchee or sauerkraut juice (for good bacteria and preservation!)

I mix it up in my Vitamix, but you could probably use whatever blender {regular or immersion}. I start with all the eggs, then the mustard, then spices, turn up the speed a bit to Med. then drizzle the melted oils in slowly. Put it in a glass jar, let it sit our for a few hours, then refrigerate! Its lasted at least a couple weeks for me.

Makes a TOTALLY delish chicken salad with chopped red onions!! :
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Maybe not the most TF meal, but if you use bacon grease to 'butter' the bread for a grilled cheese sandwich, it is oh so good!
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Originally Posted by 2lilsweetfoxes View Post
I'd like to start using the bacon grease also, but my DH throws it out. "It's unhealthy and full of cholesterol and saturated fat!" But, sometimes I manage to save it and "sneak" it into foods for yummy flavor.
Sounds like he's listening to too many mainstream nutrition experts. I thought that saturated fat is no longer the enemy.

I'm more concerned with pesticides and hormones being stored in the fat of animals and then eating their fat than I am with my cholesterol being raised. I eat lots of animal fats and little vegetables fats (except evoo) and my levels are great.

Also, I keep it out on the counter (except in the hot summer) and it stays good for awhile. I've never had it go rancid before we've been able to use it. I use bacon fat, butter, and coconut oil for most of my cooking. That baconaise sounds really good.
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Besides the uses already listed (I mostly do eggs, hash browns, and veggies) I also use it to pop popcorn.

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