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Poll Results: How old was your child when they wore size 11 shoes?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 14% (24)
    3 or under
  • 39% (64)
  • 33% (54)
  • 9% (15)
  • 2% (4)
  • 0% (0)
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    10 or older
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Originally Posted by BellaClaudia View Post
Are you asking for street shoe sizes or dance shoe sizes?
The dance shoes are sized differently then street shoes, as a rule
they are at least one and a half or more sizes up.
Depends on brand, especially with kid's dance shoes. I just got my DD ballet slippers, and they were the same as her street size (which is 11!).

Cleats can also run sized up. My dd has size 13 cleats.

OP, I would just donate them to the dance studio and a local sports club to give to someone who needs them.
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DD was 3 but she got her dad's big feet, I would say 4 is more typical.
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My oldest wore an 11 when he was six years old and my middle son wore that size at four years old.
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Dd is almost 3.5 and I just bought her size 11 sneakers for the fall. They fit with a little room to grow. She is tall for her age though with big feet to match
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Ds is 4 (almost 5) and the pair of shoes I bought last week was an 11. He probably could have gone with a 10 or 10.5, though - they were out of those sizes in cheap shoes and I was desperate! He had carried his shoes out the the van, set them on the drive way to climb in, and we drove away without them! His other shoes are all 10s. He is small for his age, though, and has little feet. I think dd was 3 when she wore 11s - I know she wore 10s at 2 and 1-2s at 5, so i figure 3ish was right for her - but she has big feet. I can't remember when ds1 wore 11s.
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DD probably won't get into an 11 until she's at least 6 or 7! She's four and wears 7 or 8 right now. She has TINY feet. (Which makes me a little sad, actually, that she'll probably never have feet as big as me and we'll never be able to share shoes!)
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My girls were in size 11 @ age 5, but they had smallish feet. Ds wears an 11 at age 4.

FWIW, I donated our used dance shoes to their teacher. She kept a collection and lent/gave them out to students who needed them. But the art center where she taught didn't have a store-- ballet studios with attached stores might not do that.
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I realize in hindsight that I should have specified girls vs. boys, as boys feet tend to run larger. Oh well.

Since we seem to be averaging around 4-5, that's good info for me.

Right now dd is 6 and in a 2 1/2 Y, and ds is 9 and in a 7 (men's).
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5 / 6

Our oldest is six years old. She is a large 11 or a small 12. Some 12s are too big and most 11s are too small. She was mostly a size 10 when she was five though.

Our second DD is five now. She is an 11 for length, but her feet are very narrow, so we have a lot of size 11 shoes that don't fit her for that reason.

Our kids have small feet though. They mostly wear a size 5 / 6 when they are two. DS has been wearing a size 7 at two, but they have a lot of room to grow. He manages okay in them. A 5 or 6 would be the right size, but the 7 is super easy to put on because of all the extra room.
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my nearly 5 year old is still in sz 9 (though, she's got teeny feet). my 3 yr old is in sz 8 or 9.... I guess I won't know for a while.
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three kids in that size so far and three ages, lol. Oldest was 3-4, ds was 5-6, dd2 is 4.5 and wearing 11s
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DS is 2 yrs 7 mons and is just going into an 11. He has giant feet apparently
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DS is 4.5 and wears size 11 currently.
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My DD wore 11s at 3 but she has huge feet ((just turned 6 and wears 3, 3.5 or 4 depending on the brand).

I see many kids at her school who are 5-6 and wear a size 11.
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I was thinking duh! 12 or 13 but then I realized you meant a toddler size 11
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DS is 4.75 and has been wearing a size 11 since he turned 4.
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