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Originally Posted by pregnant@40 View Post
Though probiotics obviously contain bacteria, and bacteria fights off yeast (since they're competing for the same space), she could have told you to stop b/c of the high sugar content of some probiotic drinks? A sugary environment is beneficial for yeast.

If you're taking probiotic capsules, I have no idea why she told you to stop in regard to the yeast.

But like the others, I think she is confused.

Last question -- sure you have vaginal ringworm & not Candida? Ringworm can affect the surrounding groin area, but is usually not the type of yeast that causes vaginal discharge. Or do you have a yeast infection outside of the vaginal area?
I'm taking Primal Defense probiotic capsules that are enteric coted. I know about sugar and carbs.
I have ringworm/jock itch. It's outside of the vagina. It is surrounding the area and on my inner thighs some.

I also believe I just recently got a vag. yeast infection. I'm not sure what I should do about that. Any ideas anyone?

The ringworm is appearing to get a little better since using "Yeast Rescue" wash and spray and going with cotton loose pants at night as well as the dietary changes. I nearly gave up on the diet recently because I'm starving, but the health food store lady told me that if my kids had cradle cap then I transfered the candida onto them. My youngest had really bad cradle cap and I think my oldest had a little. It makes me sad but also renews my resolve to continue on. I ordered a couple candida diet cookbooks and should get them soon. Maybe that'll help me.

Is that gentian violet stuff safe during pregnancy? I saw some mixed into a remedy at the health food store but I think there were other ingredients in it that aren't safe for pregnancy. I kind of wish I would have waited to get pregnant until I resolved the issues but what's done is done and I'm happy to be having another little one.
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Here is a link on gentian violet
There are studies showing carcinogenic risks with prolonged exposure.

But as far as specific pregnancy risks, there are none that I know of, and it is considered gentle enough that it is used when mom and baby are passing yeast back and forth while breastfeeding.

I wouldn't use it in a mix with other questionable ingredients. You should be able to find it singly in a 1-2% solution. And I wouldn't use it for an ongoing period of time, due to the possible risks of prolonged use.

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Nude sun bathing, I kid you not just don't get a sunburn. An old doc gave me this recommendation 30 years ago, he said if nothing else open your bedroom window and lay so the area gets the direct sun....
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The other obvious caution with gentian violet is how MESSY it is.

I tried it for thrush w/ DD once...let's just say there was one purple-ish prefold in my stash afterward.

Anyway, I'd still try and get a straight answer from your midwife. My NMD midwife suggested internal and/or external probiotics or an OTC yeast treatment, whichever I was most comfortable with. I went with the OTC stuff just because I knew it'd work for me, and quickly.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I already tried OTC. Didn't really work for me with the external stuff but maybe if I get desperate, I'll try it if I become certain I have a vag. yeast infection.

Wish I could try nude sun bathing but I'm not sure where I'd do that. Live in town and my bedroom is on the shaded side of my house.
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I actually do think that internal probiotics could feed the yeast. It has been my experience. I switched to garlic and it was gone within a day. You could try to rub a garlic clove on the external yeast. Or, if it's on skin, crush a garlic clove and attach it with a band-aid. (Be careful, garlic oil can be pretty strong.)
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I thought the whole point of taking probiotics for yeast was that they compete for the same food... So not sure why probiotics would "feed" yeast. That's why you can get a yeast flare up after taking antibiotics - the yeast no longer has much competition because the good bacteria population has taken a hit.

My best results has been with probiotics suppository capsules, combined with swallowed capsules (different pills for each). They came in a kit called Gyn-a-tren. Cleared up my chronic vag yeast!
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I am 35 weeks along and have had a recurring yeast infectin this whole time. So taking probiotics orally will suppress it vaginally? Apple cider vinegar compress has helped with the infection on the outside.

If I don't get rid of it by time the baby comes, will it effect labor, delivery, or the baby?

My DH got ringworm on his shoulder recently and alternated between putting apple cider vinegar on it and lavender oil.
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For oral capsules, I think it probably depends on the pill you use. Some are labeled specifically for yeast balance or "vaginal support." Different strains of bacteria. I haven't tried the oral route by itself so I can't really speak for effectiveness.
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My mw told me to wait until the yeast cleared up and then to take the probiotic to prevent reoccurrence. I think she said something about the probiotic feeding the yeast...
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Maybe there is some confusion based in taking probiotics by eating yogurt, which is I guess the old-school method... this is very different from a capsule.

On the topic of candida cleanse diets, I've been very reluctant to try this because you would have to eat like a hermit in order to "starve" the yeast. Then what happens when you start eating again? It's not like the yeast ever completely dies off, so I like the "competition" theory of adding Lactobacillus and such, instead of trying to remove all food. That's just what seems to make sense to me.
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They don't actually compete when you are in balance. There is plenty of food for all. What happens is the bacteria make the pH of your vagina (and other areas) slightly acidic. This inhibits the growth of yeast. Once yeast takes over, it makes the environment inhospitable to bacteria by basically choking them out. So ridding oneself of a yeast infection takes two steps. Kill the extra yeast and get a good bacterial flora going so the yeast can't come back.

If you can't nude tan, you could go to a tanning salon. The UV is what kills the yeast. Good luck!
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