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Fairy movie suitable for 2-year-old?

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My 2yo dd loves fairies. So, the grandparents rented her a Tinkerbell movie, which scared her. She is now begging me to find her a "tinkerbell movie that's not scary."

Does anyone have recommendations for a fairy movie or show that is appropriate? (does NOT have to be tinkerbell, in fact, prefer it not to be)

While I'm at it, I would also love some fairy book recommendations. She loves to be read to. But everything I have found is geared toward older children.

Thanks, mamas!
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don't rule out tinkerbell for when she is a little older. we watch both together & i like how the fairies work & have little personalities & roles.

i don't know any other movies...but books...oh yeah! we got some great books...

let me get them settled & i will actually list them all for you. we are still in more of the picture book phase but i know as they get older there are some amazing fairy series books that are suggested here too...

be right back!
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ok-here's a bunch

This was a gift when DD1 was born-it is a beautiful book & personalized-we actually keep it up high so she can't "handle" it on her own. I don't trust her yet to not bend or rip the pages.

Any Usborne book-they are great books. This should link to their Fairy titles. We have several as well as a few other non fairy books of theirs.

Then we have
Fairy Colors Caroline Repchuk
Fairy Numbers Caroline Repchuk
The Secret Life Of Fairies Salina Yoon
The Rainbow Fairy Nicole Baxter and Deborah Rigby
The Midnight Fairies Sue Holbrook (this one is a jigsaw puzzle book)
If You See a Fairy Ring Susanna Lockheart (this is a beautiful collection of poems & also a "magic window" book...it is one of the most stunning books I have seen & we keep this one up high so it doesn't get ruined)

When you search Amazon & Barnes & Noble, tons more come up. I found all these in person when a local Border's was closing it's doors & practically giving stuff away. We also picked up a couple Cicely Mary Barker Fairy books for when the girls are older.
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Lily's Twinkly Bedtime

DS is 2.5 and likes that book, it has flaps to lift. He doesn't sit well for stories with any sort of plot though, so it's a quick one.
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Did they rent her the Lost treasure or the first one? The Lost Treasure is scary, but Tinkerbell isnt super scary..

There are two parts that could be scary, one when Tinkerbell is trying to teach a baby bird to fly and she ends up attracting the attention of an eagle. The other is when there is a thistle stampede. Maybe get it and watch it yourself first. There is a new one coming out soon I think that might be even better.
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Thanks, mamas! We'll definitely check out the books, and I'll find out which tinkerbell the grandparents rented. If it's wasn't the first one, I will preview it and see if she'd like it.
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Oh,Stephanie, just checked out your list and we have the same i see me fairy tale book. She loves it! We read it every day. Looks like there are some other great ones on your list. I hadn't looked online, just at borders, and all the ones on the shelf were too old for her. The Usborne books look like a great starting point. Thanks!
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no prob! i really love the Usborne books. they are great quality & just so beautiful.

happy reading!
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